What Are You Doing About Pay Compression?

With continued increases in minimum wage laws, and with tax-break-fueled investments in employee salaries becoming more common, many organizations are running into pay compression issues, meaning they’re offering higher wages to incoming new hires than they’re already paying tenured, potentially

3 Common Types of Pay Compression

Pay Compression comes in many forms.  At its very root, pay compression refers to a situation where pay isn’t differentiated enough (i.e.: compressed) where maybe it should be and for a very compelling reason.  When pay compression is present, you …

How to Avoid Pay Compression

Pay Compression: Our Nightmare in the World of Compensation

Compression is the ugliest issue compensation professionals face. It tends to be a no-win, lose-lose situation, and the ways to deal with it are limited.

2011 Compensation Trends Report
Are wages …