You’re Underpaying. Now What?

Most organizations don’t intend to pay employees low, but market shifts and legislation changes can often result in underpaid employees. If budget is tight and you’re concerned about how to tackle the problem without giving your CFO a panic attack, …

Managing Employee Pay with Ranges

I spend quite a bit of time working with people to develop appropriate structure for their organizations. How many grades should they have? How wide should the ranges be? How can I make sure my ranges are aligned to the …

Compensation Strategies That Work

By Stacey Carroll,

This week, I presented a new webinar entitled “Compensation
Strategies that Work.” If folks were hoping that
I had a magic answer for the compensation strategy that works best they were
disappointed. The point of the …

Do I mean percentage or percentile?

Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP

Compensation Consultant at PayScale

When benchmarking positions, it’s easy to get tongue-tied
over the terms percentage and percentile. Percentiles are admittedly confusing.
People generally understand that market pay breaks out at the 10th
through 90th percentiles, …

Managing Employee Pay with Pay Ranges

Psst… check out this post about other considerations when managing employee pay using pay ranges.

Options For Handling Outliers

You’ve just finished benchmarking all your jobs. You’ve established some ranges for your positions. Maybe you even have a structure, with …