How to Become a Productivity Expert

Evan Rodd, PayScale

Ahh, the New Year has finally arrived. We can now all breathe
a collective sigh of relief, as the apocalyptic predictions surrounding 2012
did not come to pass. Since the planet wasn’t engulfed in flames, we can…

Is Multitasking Good or Bad?

Multitasking: Productivity Enhancer or Time Waster?

Can we really perform multiple tasks simultaneously? We all feel the pressure to accomplish more than one thing at once, but are we enhancing our productivity or wasting time? We, as professionals, increasingly have …

Recognizing Employee Value

The Importance of Recognizing Employee Value

In the world of work, what is “adding value”? And, as an HR or compensation practitioner, why should I care? How does recognizing employee value help me do my job better?

Adding value is …