3 Performance review options for startups

Managing a startup company is a tough job whether you are just breaking ground or growing quickly. There’s so much on-the-job training and such a learning curve, not to mention that you never know what each day will bring. Wearing …

Performance Reviews: From Pain To Gain

Getting Performance Reviews Right

Performance Reviews: From Pain to Gain

Does anyone love performance reviews? They can cause anxiety for both the employee under review and the reviewer. PayScale compensation consultant Mykkah Herner argues that it doesn’t have to be …

Simple Incentive Plan Design

Use “Line of Sight” to Keep Incentive Plans Simple

More and more organizations are bringing incentives down to lower levels within the organization. They want employees to have a piece of their compensation that is variable. But, they often complicate …

Practical Performance Evaluation Tips

Performance Evaluation Tips: How to Motivate Management to Complete the Process

How do you get supervisors to get those performance appraisals done? Here are some ideas that may help.

2011 Compensation Trends Report
Are wages rising or falling in your …

Employee Performance Reviews and Best Practices

Employee Performance Review Process Part 1: Challenging the Status Quo

Few things bring me more satisfaction in my career as an HR professional than when I can take an old process and apply new and innovative approaches to make it …