7 Reasons to Prioritize Employer Branding This Year

Originally written by Rachel Fenton for Namely.

We’ve all heard the “employer branding” buzzword. But what does it actually mean?

While a company’s overall brand relates to the way organizations are perceived by the masses, employer brand pertains to

How to Optimize Your Job Postings

Sal Ciolfi, Workopolis

What are job seekers really looking for?

To find out, Workopolis’ data team analyzed over 450,000 job descriptions, 150 million job searches, 49 million job views, and eight million job applications. The result has identified the best …

Overcoming the Hot Job Challenge

Many of today’s companies are fusion companies. For example, a company might manufacture electronic devices offline, sell those devices online, and offer other retailers a white-labeled version of their advanced e-commerce platform as a software-as-a-service. Manufacturing, commerce, and cloud-based technology …

PayScale was Featured in World at Work!

The article— “4 Compensation Best Practices for Merged or Acquired Companies” written by PayScale’s Comp Pro Sonnet Lauberth, CCP—was recently published in World at Work’s Compensation Focus. Are you facing a merger or acquisition and fear the risk of losing …

The rise of social media recruiting

Evan Rodd, PayScale

We hear a lot about the various ways social media blunders can cost you a job, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your Tweets completely private. On the contrary, many organizations rely on social media …

Three Cool Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

The New Jobs Employees Want

When we were kids, our teachers told us that the jobs we’d have as adults didn’t even exist yet. We of course they assumed they were referring to “Astronaut Princess” or “Professional Pony Namer.” Unfortunately, …

What’s Happening in HR

Compensation Today’s News Round-up

Welcome to our news round for late May. As you catch up after the long weekend, we wanted to give you the HR and business news you may have missed.

Maternity Leave Poll Results Are Here!

PTSD: Challenging, But Manageable

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

A movement has started to inform employers that the dangers and frequency of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are often overstated. According to researcher Dr. Harry Croft, medical director at the San Antonio Psychiatric Research …

How to Avoid EEOC Complaints in Hiring

Employing The Right Way

Many employers these days have countless ways they conduct the recruitment and hiring processes. And, I’m willing to bet many of those employers have forgotten that they are bound by Federal law on discriminatory practices, starting …

Hiring News: Jobs for College Grads

Trends in Hiring College Students and Recent Graduates

Today’s talent pool of college students and recent grads is more resourceful, strategic, and determined than ever to find the best fit in launching their career. They are sophisticated in their job …

Microsoft Bounty Boosts for Top Talent

It’s time to play compensation hardball in the IT industry. Last year, Google announced a 10 percent raise for all of its employees. Amazon is aggressively seeking out and snapping up the best technical talent. And, now, Microsoft is bringing …

Tips for Personnel Recruiters – Recent Grads

Best Time to Recruit College Grads Is Right Now

By Roberto Angulo If you’re looking for the best time to start your college recruitment and branding initiatives, the time is now. Employers often assume that after the winter holidays every …

Recruiting and Hiring in an Economic Downturn

5 Tips on How to Be Successful in Staffing in an Economic Downturn

The current economic situation provides a great opportunity for employers to redefine their recruiting methods. With the vast pool of job applicants, it is easier for companies …