5 ways to make salary discussions less worrisome

Discussions about wage adjustments are generally conducted around the time performance evaluations are done. However, knowing the evaluations are coming doesn’t make them any easier to bear.  A lot of expectations walk into the office.

Management perspective

Whenever wages are …

Non-Profit Compensation in a Down Economy

Reality Check: Why Non-Profits Need to Evaluate Their Pay Practices in Today’s Economy

The past few years have been tricky for many non-profits. Those that have weathered the recession have done so because they have had great financial advisors or …

PayScale Compensation Quiz

Compensation Quiz: Are You a Comp Whiz Kid?

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com

Becoming a compensation whiz can be an intimidating task, especially with all of the lingo you need to know. How strong is your compensation know-how? This compensation quiz …

Why HR Must Know Market Data

Why HR People Should Know Market Data

A lot of people assume that human resources professionals are all about the “fluffy stuff,” like employee morale, following up with benefits issues, making sure an employee gets leave for family emergency and …

HR Job Salaries Up in Q3 2011

HR Salaries Ahead of the Averages

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com

PayScale released its Q3 2011 results for The PayScale Index and added some helpful new features, like easy-to-read charts, category rankings pages and job family trends. Which addition do we …

Latest News on Hiring Veterans

Obama Wants You to Help Vets Find Jobs

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com Logistics manager, physician assistant, network administrator, cook, project manager, software developer, pilot, medical equipment repairer, accountant, interpreter, inventory specialist, facilities manager, maintenance person, medical technician, lab researcher, truck …

Sneak Peek: Q3 2011 Compensation Trends

Coming Soon: Q3 2011 Results for The PayScale Index

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com

Compensation trends, you need to know them. Most revenue doesn’t go to utility bills and advertising, it pays labor costs. Streamlining and updating your pay strategy to …

Bon Voyage, Across-the-Board Increases

Farewell to Across-the-Board Increases

By Bridget Quigg, PayScale.com Everyday PayScale’s sales team, account managers and executive leadership talk to HR professionals about what is and isn’t working in compensation. We sat down recently with PayScale’s Chief New Business Officer, Dave …

Employee Retention and Engagement

Be Bold and Reward Only What You Want

It’s challenging to design an incentive program that actually rewards top performers, and only top performers. But, it is more expensive, in the long run, to leave them under-rewarded. If you don’t …

Good Management Skills for Earning More

HR Knows: Managers Who Set Pay Are Paid More

See if the following fact surprises you: PayScale data shows the management responsibility that most improves salaries is the responsibility to set pay for employees. Shocked, doubtful or nodding your head …

How to Pay Remote Workers

How to Pay Employees Who Work Remotely

In my current capacity as Director of Professional Services at PayScale, I get the privilege of working with many different companies in many different industries to build their compensation plans. One of the …

Salary Madness 2011 Predictions

Salary Madness: PayScale’s Basketball Tournament Predictions

By Staff Writer

Is someone in your office setting up a pool to predict the winner of the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament? Maybe you’re rooting for the team with the best record …