What Makes High Tech Employees Smile?


When it comes to compensation, it’s tough to beat the high
tech industry, but the industry doesn’t manage their human capital with salary
alone. As new research by PayScale reveals, attracting and retaining technology
staff takes more than just …

How to Determine New Employees’ Annual Bonuses

When to Give an Annual Bonus to a New Employee

Chances are, you have recently been tasked with the job of determining (or at least helping to determine) what your employees’ end-of-year bonuses should be. With your long-term employees, you’ve …

Non-Profit Compensation in a Down Economy

Reality Check: Why Non-Profits Need to Evaluate Their Pay Practices in Today’s Economy

The past few years have been tricky for many non-profits. Those that have weathered the recession have done so because they have had great financial advisors or …