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Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey is open for participation for 2022-2023

Now open for participation, Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey is an annual survey that helps compensation practitioners understand how companies are budgeting for compensation increases in the current year (2022) and upcoming year (2023).

New York Pay Transparency Legislation Moves to November 2022 Start Date


A ‘Working’ Mother’s Love

"I had to work and it took our precise time, but it was all for you, precious child of mine." Linda Nyland's book 'This Job’s Not For You' is a poignant account of gender inequity and redemption dedicated to her daughter — for this Mother's Day and always

Let’s talk about fair pay

Pay conversations are a vital driving force in creating fair pay for everyone, however, both employee and employer still struggle to have these conversations confidently. Organizations need data and technology to take the steps needed to establish effective pa

Join the 25th Annual HR Systems Survey from Sapient Insights Group

Payscale is pleased to bring you early access to participate in the 25th Annual HR Systems Survey conducted by Sapient Insights Group. If you’re new to this research, it’s one of the most robust, rigorous, and long-standing HR research initiatives out ther

Payscale customers share their compensation best practices and results

Anyone who has navigated from manual compensation planning to specialist technology knows that it involves some change management, leadership support and a little finesse—but the outcomes are well worth the effort. So, how do you make the move from where you

Tips for training managers on how to discuss pay with employees

Although compensation has always been key to attracting and retaining top talent, how that compensation was determined was a mystery to most. Managers were simply messengers, charged with telling their employees what their new salary was, all without knowing h

The time is now to uplevel your compensation strategy

Your compensation strategy is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. But, no matter how well that strategy is working today, it’s important to remember that it’s not a “once and done” function. To be relevant and effective, your approach

4 predictions on the future of compensation

As anyone in compensation knows: the times are rapidly changing. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of the remote workforce, and a highly competitive hiring environment are prompting organizations to re-evaluate their compensation strategies toda

6 key steps in analyzing job descriptions for the future of work

Job descriptions are essential to organizations and are foundational elements of critical functions, including talent management, compensation strategy, and fair pay practices.

How organizations are shifting to sustainable pay equity programs

Companies are now proactively monitoring more sustainable compensation practices to guard against racial and gender pay gaps.

The gender pay gap is real and employers have the power to do something about it

The gender pay gap is real. Of course, it is. Multiple independent organizations and institutions report on the gender pay gap using different data sets and methodologies. And they all come to the same conclusion: women earn less than men.