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What are the main roles and responsibilities of a team leader?

Team leaders provide guidance, motivate team performance, and strategize tasks toward goal achievement. Learn why team leadership is essential in the workplace.

What is a pay stub? Everything you need to include

Pay stubs outline employee salary details for specific pay periods, including deductions, gross and net pay. Learn how to keep updated payroll records with pay stubs!

Illinois becomes sixth state to pass pay transparency legislation

Life moves pretty fast, so you may have missed that on May 17, 2023, the Illinois Legislature passed pay transparency legislation.

Hawaii says “Aloha” to pay transparency legislation, joining six other states

While Hawaii was the 50th state to join the United States in 1959, it recently became the fifth state to pass pay transparency legislation

Supervisor vs. Manager: Key differences in leadership roles

While supervisors administrate internal tasks, managers focus on external strategic initiatives. Learn the main differences between these leadership roles.

The key to employee productivity: Calculating and improving the workforce

Employee productivity measures the amount of work delivered within specific time periods. Learn the best tips to boost workers’ productivity and efficiency.

What is employee vetting: How to run the process successfully

Vetting processes consist of conducting background checks on candidates before offering employment. Learn how to filter potential employees and hire top talent.

How to write and format a professional business letter

A professional business letter is used to formally address another person, company, or organization. Here's everything you should know to write and format one.

Implementing new types of work models: A full guide

Work models shape how tasks, processes, and functions work within an organization. Discover tips to choose the right work model to implement for your business!

Market update: Take Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) to learn what you should be planning for pay increases

Interested in how HR leaders and compensation professionals are budgeting for 2024 pay increases? Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) is open for participation now through the end of June.

How to make payroll reports: What to include + types

Compensation is the largest expense for an organization, and the ramifications of your payroll affect every component of your business.

New guidance for UK ethnicity reporting: What employers need to know

After a long period of silence, the Government published on the 17th of April, 2023 new guidance for employers on ethnicity pay gap reporting and positive action to take in the workplace.