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The legislative lowdown: January 2023

To kick off 2023, we’ve decided to start bringing you monthly posts outlining pay legislation that has been recently proposed or passed along with a description of how each might affect your organization.

5 areas in your compensation program for your rewards team to focus on

Employers responded to and reviewed legacy compensation programs that no longer aligned with the modern workforce.

5 Key Steps Towards Sustainable Pay Equity

Pay equity matters more than ever and must be managed continuously. Gone are the days where pay equity was an annual project to measure pay gaps between employees.

5 Tips to Buying Compensation Management Software

Financial incentives help organizations attract and retain employees, but as an HR, rewards, or compensation professional, you want to feel confident that you’re rewarding your best people and that your pay for performance strategy aligns with business results.

Countdown to New York State’s Pay Transparency Laws: September 17, 2023

Beginning September 17, 2023, New York state will join Colorado, California, Washington, and several cities, including New York City, in requiring employers to post salary ranges in all job postings. What exactly will New York state require? We’ve broken it all down for you in this article.

Partnerships between managers and HR drive comp success

To be successful, managers are constantly striking a balance between serving as an agent of the organization and being advocates for every single one of their employees. This balancing act makes it imperative that managers partner with the HR team to ensure positive people-related outcomes. Read this article to learn from a...

Ringing in the New Year: California clarifies new pay transparency law

Earlier this year, Governor Inslee signed SB 5761, similar to Colorado, amending Washington State’s EPOA requiring employers to post salary ranges in job postings. Here's what you need to know.

Inflation, recession, layoffs… pay compression, pay equity, pay transparency – oh my! What’s in store for comp managers in 2023

Going into 2023, many organizations are worried about the economy as news of a coming recession has dominated the news and layoffs have been all over social media feeds, especially LinkedIn. But the concern of a recession has caveats, especially where the labor market is concerned — and that has implications for...

A look back at compensation trends in 2022 and predictions for 2023

For compensation practitioners, Q1 is a busy time where you are deep into end-of-year compensation review planning for execution of pay increases in the new year. But here are a few thoughts around what might need to be on your agenda for 2023.

Quiet quitting isn’t what you think (and how employers should handle it)

If you believe quiet quitting is laziness or a desire to be unproductive, you’re wrong. Quiet quitting is a reaction to burnout and a lack of reward for hustle — and it’s within your power to fix.

The CEO’s guide to compensation best practices and investment for 2023 in a shifting economy

Learn why compensation management should be among the top concerns for CEOs heading into 2023 and why pay transparency can rapidly improve your employer brand to attract and retain top talent in an uncertain economic climate.

The problem with broad salary ranges in job postings

Pay transparency and related legislation is the hot topic right now when it comes to fair pay conversations.... Continuous posting of overly broad salary ranges could also negatively impact a brand's reputation. They could be perceived as trying to skirt pay transparency laws...