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Market update: Take Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) to learn what you should be planning for pay increases

Interested in how HR leaders and compensation professionals are budgeting for 2024 pay increases? Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey (SBS) is open for participation now through the end of June.

Key Insights from the 2023 CBPR Europe Edition

The 2023 CBPR: Europe Edition is a valuable resource that analyzes the data so that companies can gain valuable insights into current compensation trends and make informed decisions about how to adjust their own compensation strategies in the coming months.

What causes pay compression and how can you address it?

What causes pay compression and how can you address it? Pay compression happens when pay is increased for some employees — especially new hires due to changing labor costs — without being increased for everyone. Here we present fix strategies to address pay compression at your organization.

Inflation, recession, layoffs… pay compression, pay equity, pay transparency – oh my! What’s in store for comp managers in 2023

Going into 2023, many organizations are worried about the economy as news of a coming recession has dominated the news and layoffs have been all over social media feeds, especially LinkedIn. But the concern of a recession has caveats, especially where the labor market is concerned — and that has implications for...

The CEO’s guide to compensation best practices and investment for 2023 in a shifting economy

Learn why compensation management should be among the top concerns for CEOs heading into 2023 and why pay transparency can rapidly improve your employer brand to attract and retain top talent in an uncertain economic climate.

Market Dynamics Influencing Compensation Planning

Inflation is at its highest annual rate in over 40 years. The rising cost of living layered with an increase in competition for labor has created extraordinary challenges for organizations to pay fairly and competitively.

Compensation Best Practices Survey 2023: Participate now!

The Compensation Best Practices Survey informs our compensation best practices report (CBPR) and is now open for participation through December.

Compensation fundamentals and best practices for the future

How a solid strategy, data, and processes can prepare your organization for the resiliency required to meet today’s top comp challenges.

What Is the Employee Retention Credit For 2022?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit is a refundable payroll tax credit, designed to encourage employers whose companies were disrupted by COVID-19 restrictions to retain employees, and keep them on the payroll and collecting paychecks through the downturn in business.

Payscale Debuts New Payfactors Platform

Payscale launches new Payfactors platform, driving faster access to market data with tools to improve fair pay practices in scalable technology to make compensation accessible to companies of all sizes.

Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey: Open for participation

Now open for participation, Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey is an annual survey that helps compensation practitioners understand how companies are budgeting for compensation increases in the current year (2022) and upcoming year (2023).

Let’s talk about fair pay

Pay conversations are a vital driving force in creating fair pay for everyone, however, both employee and employer still struggle to have these conversations confidently. Organizations need data and technology to take the steps needed to establish effective pay strategies and structures while building in pay transparency and fair pay initiatives. Taking...