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What is software automation and ways to optimize your workflow

Automation software and tools optimize workflows by reducing manual input in repetitive tasks. Learn the best automation strategies to increase efficiency.

Payscale’s 2023 End-of-Year Report explains the job market and the hottest jobs requiring pay adjustments in 2024

In 2023, the job market has reversed from the hiring bonanza of two years ago, at least for corporate positions, but we’re not precisely in an economic downturn. How does this shift impact talent strategy, compensation management, and employer branding going into 2024?

The EU Pay Transparency Directive

The world of wage equality and salary transparency has recently been in greater focus due to the European Union’s new (EU) Pay Transparency Directive.

Employee reactions to pay transparency

In the world of modern employment, pay transparency is quickly becoming a norm rather than an exception.

What is per diem pay? A complete guide for employers

Learn the meaning, types, tax implications, and benefits of per diem pay and how Payscale can help your company navigate payroll complexities.

Building pay equity into your business in 2023

Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value while still taking into account factors like experience, performance, and tenure.

Unlocking Excellence: Payscale’s G2 Quarterly Awards

In the dynamic world of software and services, platforms like G2 are essential for buyers and providers alike.

What ethnicity pay gaps can tell us about the lived experience for employees with African and Caribbean heritage

October in the UK is when we observe Black History Month. This is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month.

Business abbreviations: The ultimate professional cheat sheet

Discover the most common abbreviations and acronyms used in the workplace. Improve your business lingo with our ultimate cheat sheet!

8 interview invitation email tips and templates to stand out

Learn how to craft standout invitation emails with essential elements and effective techniques, saving time and energy with these eight templates.

Maximizing shareholders’ equity: Definition and calculation

Learn about shareholders' equity and its significance for investors and companies to make valuable and informed investment decisions.

Salary DOE: Meaning, advantages, and tips for HR professionals

Discover the meaning of salary DOE and how it impacts job compensation. Learn how to negotiate salary by leveraging candidates' skills and experience.