PayScale Releases a Data Connector to Enable Seamless Data Syncing between BambooHR and Insight Lab

HR leaders at small and midsize organizations are orchestrators of many moving parts of a people strategy. They often feel like there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

One major drain on HR professionals’ time is dealing with data from different systems in order to get usable data to make workforce decisions. The HRIS is the system of record for an organization’s workforce data. Having accurate workforce data available in a compensation management system is critical for making sound compensation decisions. Yet, without a technology solution, HR professionals must manually format and re-upload their workforce data into their compensation management system every time they update key fields (e.g. job title, job market). This is a pain and a major time sink.

Here at PayScale, we want to give HR professionals time back so they can focus on the more strategic, complex and human aspects of their roles.

We’re excited to let you know we’ve released a new API to enable seamless syncing of data between BambooHR and PayScale Insight Lab, so users can get a consistent and current view of their workforce within Insight Lab automatically.

Why is it important to keep your workforce data current?

By keeping your workforce data current, you will avoid errors when benchmarking positions and ensure that all pay increase decisions are based on rock solid data. Having real-time access to employee information and their pay information in one place can help you validate whether a pay increase is justified and helps you ward off potential internal equity issues. Having automated access to your current workforce data is essential if your organization implements out-of-cycle pay increases or anniversary pay increases for employees. After all, can you imagine manually uploading the latest HRIS data into Insight Lab every time you make a pay change?

How to get started

The new data connector requires a simple, one-time setup. Anyone can set this up; there is no coding required. Once set up, you have access to a 360-degree view of your workforce within Insight Lab. The API automatically syncs employee information from your BambooHR instance to your Insight Lab account. We promise to keep your data secure; PayScale Insight Lab is SOC II Certified.  

“The PayScale and BambooHR Connector streamlines the process from HRIS to compensation software, so I can get benefits of Insight Lab faster. Having data sync directly to our Payscale account saves my team significant time and empowers us to use the product even more”, says Eric Joseph, President & CEO of Renaissance Electronic Services.

“We chose to prioritize a data connector between BambooHR and PayScale because of BambooHR’s focus on small and midsize organizations. With our Insight Lab clients, we frequently see that compensation is only one part of a job that involves many other responsibilities. Giving time back to Human Resources departments within relatively small organizations has an outsized impact on their ability to make changes that power their businesses,” says Jill Beck, Technical Product Manager at PayScale.

PayScale plans to release data connectors to other HRIS systems later this year.

If you’re interested in supercharging your HR stack with Insight Lab and a connector to your HRIS, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us at