Equal Pay Day 2017: Take Your First Step Toward Gender Pay Equity

Feel like you’ve been hearing a lot about gender equity lately? It’s not in your head. In fact, companies have been making strategic moves to better recognize and address gender inequities within their organizations. Because, even though it’s not intentional, many companies still pay their female workers less than their male counterparts.

Equal pay for equal work isn’t the only thing companies need to worry about when it comes to fair pay. They also need to learn how to overcome the opportunity gap, which happens when women are underrepresented in leadership and management level positions (as well as the highest paying job roles and industries). Women not only earn less than men, but they are also promoted less.

Tune in to PayScale’s Live Equal Pay Day Broadcast

For the first time ever, PayScale is hosting its own Equal Pay Day event, which will feature a discussion on organizational gender pay equity with business leaders and pay equity experts, including Elizabeth Weingarten, Director of the Global Gender Parity Initiative at New America; Peter Hamilton, CEO of Tune; and Christy Johnson, CEO of Artemis Connection. Using PayScale data and these business leaders’ expertise, this event will provide:

  • Individuals with tips for improving their own pay equity situation.
  • Individuals and managers with ways for addressing pay equity for those around them.
  • Organizations/HR with tips for addressing pay equity at the culture/policy level.

How Can You Participate in PayScale’s Equal Pay Day Event?

On Tuesday, April 4 at 11 a.m. PT, we will be broadcasting our panel discussion live from our Facebook page. You can RSVP for the digital event here to be notified once the discussion begins. Grab your managers, a snack, and tune in. Make sure and send us your questions or comments. We’ll be answering your questions in real time.

Continue the Dialogue About Fair Pay

We hope we’ll inspire you to evaluate pay equity in your own organization. If you’re an HR or compensation professional, have you done a pay audit recently? PayScale’s Gender Earnings Comparison Feature can help. If you’re a manager, are there things you can do to help ensure pay fairness in your department? If you’re an individual, how can you bring data to your conversations about pay in order to encourage fair pay?

At PayScale, we believe that gender equity in the workplace isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s also good for business. Quoting our own Chief Product Officer, Dave Smith, “[We] firmly believe that companies which become transparent about gender pay issues will have a competitive advantage.”

Tell Us What You Think

What’s your organization doing to achieve pay equity? We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.