How to Become a Productivity Expert

Evan Rodd, PayScale

Ahh, the New Year has finally arrived. We can now all breathe
a collective sigh of relief, as the apocalyptic predictions surrounding 2012
did not come to pass. Since the planet wasn’t engulfed in flames, we can
finally focus on something slightly less stressful: New Year’s Resolutions.

When I ask friends and co-workers what their resolutions
are, I hear quite a bit of talk about productivity. Someone wants to
procrastinate less; another wants to secure that promotion. This seems like it
would be a common occurrence across many companies, but I’ve found resolutions
concerning productivity appear to dwindle in HR departments. More often than
not, it seems employee initiative and productivity is not at the top of HR’s
resolution list. Yes, HR thinks about policies that influence people
management, but how often does employee output impact decision-making?

HR has a budget to maintain, and that takes precedence. If
focus shifts from short term costs to big picture thinking, your company will
thrive while securing top talent. Yes, that training may be expensive, but
wouldn’t you rather arm employees with skills that will bring your company
continued success in the long run? It’s time to look past management, and work
to create a united front that empowers personnel. Keeping your comp strategy
is important, but there are many ways HR can oversee increased productivity.

You Are Not Alone.

Work closely with management to attract, secure, and develop
highly capable employees. See that you provide the tools and resources
necessary for continued development. You’ve got tons of great data at your
disposal, so share it with managers and improve your bottom line. Before this
happens, however, you need to make sure your management team is up to par.
Identifying strong leaders is essential, not to mention highly influential on
employee performance.

Managers and HR can also work together to make sure employee
concerns, needs, and suggestions are heard. Keeping employees informed and in
the loop will help them feel valued, and keep them productive. Make employee
commitment a key ingredient in your strategy, and help management be the
liaison. Set clear priorities and goals not only for your company, but also for
individuals. Work with managers to assure results are measured and

Employees are not
alone, either.

When a strong support system is in place, employees will
feel more connected to their work and ultimately see to the continued growth of
your company. Work to create collaboration between teams, and adopt more “open
door” policies that allow employees to make suggestions. See to it that leaders
maintain order, but don’t micromanage. Also make sure employees are provided
with positive and constructive feedback regularly, not just during reviews. By
creating a culture that encourages innovation, you will see an increase in
employee productivity because they feel as though they are part of something

We Have The

In today’s fast-moving and tech-centric working world,
employees must be given opportunities to improve skills and continue education whenever
possible. Develop methods that help employees improve skills, but still remain
present during the task at hand.

No matter how capable the employee, inadequate tools and
technology will greatly inhibit productivity. You know the benefits of
cloud-based applications when it comes to designing your compensation
, so why shouldn’t employees enjoy the benefits of up-to-date
technology at work, especially when it makes their job easier? Use technology
to integrate departments, streamline processes, and develop job skills.

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities really are
endless. As more companies strive for innovation in a competitive marketplace,
calling on the collective consciousness of your business could have a great
impact on your revenue. Lead by example, but remain open to new possibilities.
When it comes time to make that new years resolution, think beyond your own
productivity, and focus on how you can encourage and inspire those around you.

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