10 Reasons to Love Your HR Staff

Love Your HR Staff (Because This Is What They Go Through)

February has arrived, the month for appreciating the ones we love. While we don’t mean to promote office romance, we do think that there are plenty of reasons “love” and appreciate your HR staff. The following is a list created by some of the folks on PayScale’s customer service team.

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Reasons to Love Your HR Pros

The following is a list of PayScale’s top 10 reasons to love your HR staff. See if any surprise you and add a few of your own to the comments area below. We know there are more than 10 reasons.

1. HR pros fire the people no one else wants to fire.

2. HR pros make sure you turn in your benefits forms. Yes, YOU!

3. When somebody does something so outrageous that no one believes it, guess who gets to investigate the situation?

4. Who else can you go to when you KNOW you’re not being paid enough?

5. How would you like the stress of knowing that the president of the company will call you EVERY time something bad happens?

6. HR pros figure out which job candidate to search for and what that person should be paid based upon job descriptions like, “Functional Area Expert: Experience must include both the functional aspects of the functional area and information systems utilized within that functional area.” (A description that a PayScale customer was trying to price.)

7. Who else is going to look through 200 (or 500 or 1,000) resumes to find exactly the right candidate for the job?

8. Who has to smile when the CFO says, “We have to figure out who’s going to get laid off,” and then go and figure it out?

9. Who acts polite and professional around every employee at the company, even though they know all their worst secrets?

10. An HR pro makes sure that the twentieth employee to complain that day gets all of the attention they need.

Favorite Quotes from HR Staff

We’ll end with some of our favorite quotes from our customers:

“There are no compensation emergencies. I wish my boss knew that.”

“That was a whole meeting ago.”

“We call it Humor Resources because you need two senses: common sense and a sense of humor.”

“I am coming back as a computer so I can do whatever I want.”

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