MarketPay Jobs: An Unparalleled Solution

Accurate job descriptions can serve as a key document in developing a fair and equitable work environment. A job description is a technical document that acts as the backbone and infrastructure of how to do a job well. It covers competencies, abilities, requirements, and is a compliance driven document that informs compensation.

To produce effective job descriptions, you need to be able to collaborate cross-departmentally with key stakeholders, while accessing fresh market data for job pricing. MarketPay Jobs provides you with a seamless integrated experience between JDXpert’s job description management technology and MarketPays’ robust compensation platform, so that you can rest assured you are operating in a way that best serves the business and its most valuable assets, your employees.


Last week PayScale released its 12th annual Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR21). The 100+ question survey touched on an array of compensation and human resource topics, providing meaningful insights from peers across the industry. Among those inquiries, we asked folks about the important practice of managing job descriptions.

PayScale found that sixty percent have full job descriptions for every job. However, eighty percent of those say they use Word, Excel, or PDFs to manage and maintain them. This antiquated approach to job description management leads to static documents that become outdated, incomplete and duplicative. The juxtaposition of these two CBPR21 insights provides a window into the risk many organizations face.


There is no doubt that we are working differently these days in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. For some this means changes in essential functions, physical demands, working conditions and possibly exemption status. These shifts necessitate the reevaluation of job descriptions, foregoing these changes can put your organization at risk of costly employment compliance lawsuits.

Likewise, more organizations than ever before are planning to conduct pay equity analyses, 46 percent according to PayScale’s 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report, an increase of 8 percent from the previous year. Having accurate, up-to-date job descriptions is fundamental to complete pay equity analysis or even just ensure basic compliance for FLSA and ADA. MarketPay Jobs takes the guesswork out of job classifications with an FLSA guidance wizard for each job description and on-demand templates that capture ADA guidelines for essential functions, physical demand and working requirements.


Job descriptions document the differences in responsibilities between two employees who receive different pay even if their titles or job levels are similar. They are also the basis in determining the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) exempt versus non-exempt status. Moreover, accurate job descriptions can help organizations better understand the risks they face.

A strong job description can help support an organization against claims, including those involving discrimination, negligence, retaliation, and employer governance. MarketPay jobs, powered by JDXpert, can help protect an organization from such regulatory sanctions. Have confidence that compensation, equity and compliance decisions are made using precise & up-to-date job descriptions, in integrated harmony with your organization’s suite of workforce management tools.


MarketPay Jobs, powered by JDXpert gives you the tools to understand FLSA, ADA and industry-specific regulations of every job description, without the cumbersome effort of sharing individual pdfs and documents, cross functionally. Drive the critical process of job description management, while illuminating people strategy through easy integrations with other HR systems and data feeds, in the same place where your pay data & analysis live.

PayScale’s partnership with JDXpert, provides customers with a seamless experience between JDXpert’s Job Description Management Technology and PayScale’s compensation platforms. Job information is automatically synced and JDXpert users will be able to leverage PayScale’s market sourced data, a perfect pairing. Leveraging this partnership will enhance your organization’s collaboration, improve recruiting and talent engagement, and reduce compliance risks, to ultimately get pay right!

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