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Leading organizations know that robust job description management is key to attracting talent with the skills they need to grow their business. A once often overlooked area of Human Resources and point of friction between managers and their HR partners, job descriptions have become an essential function of talent acquisition and workforce management.

Still, some organizations continue to rely heavily on email, word docs and local drives to manage job descriptions. This antiquated approach, as you may imagine, leads to static documentation that become outdated, incomplete, and duplicative. Not to mention, attempts to manage these records often results in feelings that the work is more effort than it is worth.

Enter: Market Pay Jobs, Powered by JDXpert. PayScale has expanded its longtime partnership with JDXpert to include seamless integration between MarketPay and JDXpert, the market leader in job description management. This strategic partnership will give PayScale MarketPay customers access to job description functionality from directly within MarketPay, allowing users to create, edit, manage and view job descriptions side-by-side. A two-way integration that includes view and edit capabilities.

By connecting compensation and job description technologies, MarketPay customers can bring job descriptions to the center of people functions across their organization, support stakeholder transparency and collaboration, and reduce the risk of costly compliance challenges.


Accurate and current job descriptions serve as one of the most foundational elements to any business, aligning compensation, recruitment, compliance and leadership. Job description management ensures talent is recruited, paid, given an opportunity to grow, and operates in a way that best serves the business and the individual.

When deciding how much an employee should be paid, a job description that clearly defines roles and responsibilities is vital. But, they’re not a set-and-forget activity. Like other compensation practices, job descriptions in every organization should be agile and adaptive. Job description management is an instrument that supports your entire people strategy, from attraction and engagement, to compliance and compensation. As such, the risk of inaccurate or mismanaged job descriptions impacts nearly all functions of your business.

Economic trends that drive adoption of compensation best practices also impact job descriptions, which give organizations an opportunity to qualify and quantify human capital needs. In other words, fluctuations in the labor market necessitate not only dynamic compensation planning, but also dynamic job description management. For Human Resources teams, the power of combining compensation and job description technology forms a cornerstone for accurate market pricing and a strong base for building upon an organizations’ compensation philosophy and strategy.

Though HR and compensation teams often oversee the maintenance of job descriptions, the ongoing management of them is a team sport. With MarketPay Jobs, organizations can keep track of how job descriptions change and evolve with easy side-by-side comparisons, audit trails, and archives. Support stakeholder collaboration in the way that makes the most sense for your business, using flexible workflows including mid-flow changes, bi-directional workflows, and custom workflows.

Role-based security and workflow access in MarketPay Jobs, allow for open and traceable collaboration between key stakeholders, leading to job descriptions that support the corporate strategy while detailing performance goals, regulatory compliance, and compensation plans.


Managing job descriptions is a critical issue for strategic workforce management. Job descriptions must be easily accessible, workflows should be flexible, and the subsequent data must move throughout the right systems and into the hands of the right people at the right time.

If your organization wants to ensure effective recruitment, performance, compensation, communication, and compliance strategies, then there is no substitute for a sound, unified job description management tool as part of your integral Human Resources playbook.

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