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Whether you're considering relocation to Gainesville, Florida or just curious about the cost of living in Gainesville, Florida, the PayScale Cost of Living Calculator is the place to begin your research. When looking at the cost of living charts below, be sure to pay attention to the housing expense category. Housing costs and mortgage rates can vary by city because local banks can have different mortgage rates from their national competition. If you are serious about relocation to Gainesville, Florida, you might want to investigate local mortgage rate options before you put your house up for sale.

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Living in Gainesville, Florida

If you are considering a move to Florida, you may be interested in the city that is home to the University of Florida: Gainesville. The character and culture of Gainesville are directly linked to the university, which helps promote growth in the city. Gainesville has many appealing attributes, including many golf courses, shopping centers and areas of nature preservation. Continued expansion of the city’s museums, theaters and media, as well as the preservation of historical landmarks, help make Gainesville a great place for families. Though Gainesville is not a beach town, the weather is still a reminder that you are in Florida. Temperatures in the summer months can range from the low 70’s to the 90’s. With the appearance of being such a perfect city, how much will it cost to live in Gainesville? PayScale’s Cost of Living Calculator can help you find out.

Cost of Living in Gainesville, Florida

What is the cost of living in Gainesville? Data shows that the Cost of Living in Gainesville, Florida is equal to the national average cost of living. Comparing the cost of living in other Florida cities, such as Jacksonville, Orlando and Clearwater shows that the cost of living in each city is about the same. With this information, if you are looking to relocate to Florida, you can see Gainesville is not your only affordable option. If you are moving to Gainesville from Miami, you can look forward to a 17 percent reduction in overall cost of living.

Salaries in Gainesville, Florida

Measuring Median Salaries in Gainesville by job title shows that salaries are fairly high considering the city’s relatively low cost of living. One of the major employers in Gainesville is the University of Florida. PayScale's chart on median salaries by job title shows that professors in Gainesville have a median salary of $101,367 while associate professors earn a median salary of $80,000. Comparing Salaries in Gainesville by Years of Experience, we can see that, for people with less than one year of experience, a median salary of $42,337 can be expected. After twenty years of experience, the median salary increases to $60,080.

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