Cost of Living in Springfield, Illinois

Cost of Living in Springfield, IL is

5% lower

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Whether you're considering relocation to Springfield, Illinois or just curious about the cost of living in Springfield, Illinois, the PayScale Cost of Living Calculator is the place to begin your research. When looking at the cost of living charts below, be sure to pay attention to the housing expense category. Housing costs and mortgage rates can vary by city because local banks can have different mortgage rates from their national competition. If you are serious about relocation to Springfield, Illinois, you might want to investigate local mortgage rate options before you put your house up for sale.

Cost of Living in Springfield, Illinois by Expense Category

Cost of Living in Springfield, Illinois

The Cost of Living in Springfield, Illinois is extremely reasonable. At around 10 percent lower than the national average, the cost of living in Springfield is low in comparison to many cities. The costs of housing, utilities, groceries and transportation are all relatively low as well. One factor to consider when looking at transportation costs is how much time you'll have to spend commuting each day. In Springfield, Average Commute Times are around twenty minutes. If you live in one of the neighboring cities, your commute may be even shorter. With rising gas prices, these short commute times may end up saving you more money in transportation costs than you think!

Are you considering relocating to Springfield, Illinois? How does the cost of living in Springfield compare to your city? Use PayScale’s Cost of Living Calculator to find out.

Salaries in Springfield, Illinois

Though the cost of living in Springfield is lower than the national average, will median salaries be sufficient to help you maintain your current standard of living? Comparing median Salaries in Springfield by Job Title gives us an idea of what salaries are like for different occupations. Since Springfield is the capital of Illinois, you may be wondering about government positions. The chart on Median Salaries by Employer Type shows that hospital and government positions are some of the highest-paid in Springfield.

Whether you are just starting a career, or have been working for twenty years, experience will always have an impact on salaries. Researching Salaries by Years of Experience shows that median starting salaries in Springfield are around $40,000, and increase to around $60,000 for those with over twenty years of experience. In comparison to other cities, this salary range may seem low, but keep in mind that the cost of living in Springfield is also lower than in many other cities.

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