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Whether you're considering relocation to Winchester, Virginia or just curious about the cost of living in Winchester, Virginia, the PayScale Cost of Living Calculator is the place to begin your research. When looking at the cost of living charts below, be sure to pay attention to the housing expense category. Housing costs and mortgage rates can vary by city because local banks can have different mortgage rates from their national competition. If you are serious about relocation to Winchester, Virginia, you might want to investigate local mortgage rate options before you put your house up for sale.

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Cost of Living in Winchester, Virginia

The state of Virginia is known for its historical character, and the city of Winchester is no exception. Battles were fought in Winchester during the Revolutionary and the Civil wars, and there are many historical sites to commemorate the city’s history. If you are considering relocating to this historic town, researching the cost of living can help you decide whether Winchester, Virginia is the place for you. Overall, the Cost of Living in Winchester, Virginia is only four percent higher than the national average. With the cost of housing at just seven percent above the national average, you will likely be able to afford more than you are accustomed to if you are relocating from a larger city.

The Cost of Living in Winchester is very reasonable compared to the national average. But how does the cost of living in your city compare to Winchester? Use PayScale’s Cost of Living Calculator to get a cost of living comparison between different cities.

Cost of Living in Chantilly, Virginia

If you are unsure about living in Winchester, Virginia, you may want to consider the nearby city of Chantilly. About an hour outside of Winchester, the city of Chantilly is home to the Washington Dulles International Airport, making it a great place to live if your job requires frequent travel. One negative aspect of the cost of living in Chantilly, Virginia is a relatively long commute time. Average Commute Times in Chantilly increases with years of experience, starting at about a thirty minute commute for someone with less than one year of experience. For those with over twenty years of experience, average commutes can be about 35 to 40 minutes. If you are considering a career in Chantilly, Virginia, you may want to factor in the cost of transportation as well. With increasing gas prices, a 35 to 40 minute commute time can really add up.

Median Salaries in Winchester, Virginia

Researching salaries in Winchester will help you make an educated decision about whether relocation is the most economical choice. Measuring Median Salaries by Job shows that for most professions, median salaries are around $60,000. If you have experience in plant management, you may want to look for a job in Winchester; the median salary for a plant manager is $125,000. Working as a financial controller is another career option with high salary potential; the median salary for a financial controller is $98,920. If you compare the Median Salaries in Nearby Cities, you will see that people working in Winchester have a higher median salary than those working in any surrounding city. In fact, median salaries in Winchester are almost $10,000 more than salaries in neighboring cities.

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