Independent Bank

Learn how Payscale helped Independent Bank develop new pay structures, resolve pay equity issues, and reduce turnover in critical roles by 30 percent.

Where Payscale makes an impact

New pay structures
and career pathing
30% reduction in
turnover for tellers
Increased confidence
in new job offers
Enhanced credibility
in HR with the CEO
Payscale helped guide us on what we should be paying to stay competitive for talent within our industry and location. We now have the confidence to be transparent about pay and employees now feel they are being paid fairly.
Because our bank tellers now understand their earning potential, turnover has reduced to 23 percent. They are not only sticking around, but enhancing the customer experience, improving customer retention and growing the value of each customer.
Our success would not have been possible without Payscale. Our company has seen a huge impact as a result of this partnership, from my own personal career growth to helping our employees see fulfillment to the lasting success of our organization”

-Jack Klott, Vice President of Total Rewards, Independent Bank

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