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PayScale Team Helps Mariani Packing Company Simplify the Annual Increase Cycle and Increase Manager Trust in HR

PayScale Team Helps Mariani Packing Company Simplify the Annual Increase Cycle and Increase Manager Trust in HR

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Why PayScale?

Automates the increase cycle.

Built with managers in mind.

Managers can complete increases while traveling.

Integration with ADP.

Pain Points
Each increase cycle took 256 hours
A spreadsheet-managed increase cycle
Difficult for managers to access needed data
The Results
Saved 256 hours and $25,000.

Navarro estimates she’s saving 256 hours and $25,000 every year by using Team—$10,000 of her time and $15,000 of manager time. “The increase cycle is now so simple. There’s no longer a need for back-and-forth emails, as Team automatically sends out reminder emails to managers. And I don’t have to deal with multiple versions of spreadsheets, as our data syncs directly from ADP.”

Gained time for strategic activities.

Prior to Team, Navarro had little time to manage other key HR projects. “I couldn’t do open enrollment because I had to do the increase cycle and close the year with payroll. Now, because we’re using Team to manage the increase cycle, I have time to focus on benefits and open enrollment. I am more proactive in other areas, because Team automates so much of the process.”

Simplified the increase cycle for managers.

With Team, managers and administrators can manage increases from anywhere in the world, at any time. “Before Team, our VP of Sales needed access to VPN to manage the increase cycle,” said Navarro. “Today, he doesn’t have to worry about spreadsheets. He can do increases from Japan, from anywhere.” Prior to Team, managers dreaded the increase cycle. Now they look forward to it. “Managers ask me when they will get an email to start with Team. They would never ask that about a spreadsheet! They’re excited about using Team because it’s so quick and simple for them.”

Increased trust between HR and managers.

Both the streamlined process and the knowledge that pay decisions are now data driven have increased managers’ trust in HR. “PayScale Team has improved the relationship between me and my managers,” said Navarro. “It’s brought more understanding to the managers about how jobs are priced. They have more trust in HR.” Improved employee understanding of compensation and increase cycle. Mariani’s increase cycle process is now standardized across the organization. Decisions about pay are both consistent and transparent. “Before Team, employees had no idea where they were in their range,” said Navarro. “Today, we use the employee comp report and benefits to show their total rewards. As a result, employees better understand their pay.”