PayScale Data Visualizations

We've used PayScale's career and compensation data to create a variety of interactive data visualizations. All are free to embed on your own website. The embed code is available on each data visualization page.
Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Use this tool to enter your preferences for salary, education level, stress and job satisfaction to identify your dream job.
Ever wondered what the most common job in your state is? PayScale analyzed our data to create a map that reveals the most common jobs in America.
PayScale's College ROI encourages you to think about college as an investment. This fascinating chart compares annualized college ROIs to traditional stock investments.
Compare 20-year net ROI of over 800 schools to their average alumni student loan debt to find out where students are graduating with more debt than they can afford.
Discover how College ROI varies state by state. This interactive map lets you see median statistics for ROI, student loan debt and more, as well as zoom in on individual schools.
Find out where waiters, waitresses, bartenders and chefs get the biggest tips in America’s most foodie cities.
Find out how over 450 jobs rank on salary and job meaning. Compare specific job titles or broader job categories.
Before you decide to pursue a degree or choose a major, do a deep dive into our College Salary Report data to find out which degree levels have the highest earning potential for over 100 majors.
How do you measure the value of a college education? These data visualizations shed new light on the subject, taking into account student body diversity, majors, gender and more.
Whether you're a creative right-brain type or a highly logical left-brainer, this visualization will help you find out which majors pay the most and use your natural talents.
Do colleges where more alumni go on to earn advanced degrees always report higher incomes than those with fewer future PhDs?
See the ratio of CEO pay to average employee pay for top companies.