Average Americans Don’t See Average Wage Growth

This summer, news has broken that wage growth is up, down, and flat. What gives? The fact is that earnings are keeping pace with inflation for some groups, and falling behind for others – sometimes far, far behind. In the 1980s, as Americans were struggling through years of stagflation, Ronald Reagan asked: “Are you better off

Are Employers Fighting for Gender Equality?

Gender equality in the workplace has not been achieved, as the #MeToo movement has made clear. But are employers taking ACTION to end gender inequality at work? The allegations against media mogul Harvey Weinstein opened the floodgates in the fall of 2017. Victims have continued to come forward, drawing attention to the psychological, professional, and

Pricing the Top Paying Nursing Skills

From obstetrics to physical therapy to neurosurgery, few jobs have as diverse a set of responsibilities as nurses, and it’s up to HR professionals to make sure that they are all paid competitively. In such a varied role, skills have an enormous impact on pay. How does an HR professional know that their nurses are

Top Paying Non-Clinical Skills in Healthcare

A key component of ensuring that a system as complex as a hospital functions smoothly is ensuring that all of these diversely skilled employees are paid fairly. But how can an HR professional assign dollar values to all of the skills required to run such a sprawling organization? For many people the thought of working

Gender Inequity Three Ways: Means, Medians, and Modes

Last fall, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams had to reshoot some scenes in All the Money In the World after Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey. We were shocked to learn that Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for these reshoots, while Williams was paid less than $1,000. Stories like these put faces on the injustice of gender pay inequities, but statistics have the power to reveal how widespread the issue really is. In this post, we’ll show how we can use differences in common averages – means, medians and modes – to calculate the gender pay gap.

Is There a Gender Pay Gap in Sports?

The gender pay gap crosses industries, so it is not a surprise that women in sports also get short-changed. Female athletes have publicized the issue of pay disparities for decades, but women behind the scenes also earn less. The battle for equal pay in sports started with the Women’s Tennis Association in the 1970s when