Gender Inequity Three Ways: Means, Medians, and Modes

Last fall, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams had to reshoot some scenes in All the Money In the World after Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey. We were shocked to learn that Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for these reshoots, while Williams was paid less than $1,000. Stories like these put faces on the injustice of gender pay inequities, but statistics have the power to reveal how widespread the issue really is. In this post, we’ll show how we can use differences in common averages – means, medians and modes – to calculate the gender pay gap.

Is There a Gender Pay Gap in Sports?

The gender pay gap crosses industries, so it is not a surprise that women in sports also get short-changed. Female athletes have publicized the issue of pay disparities for decades, but women behind the scenes also earn less. The battle for equal pay in sports started with the Women’s Tennis Association in the 1970s when

Are Your Nurses Happy?

As the role of nurses in the US healthcare system continues to expand, healthcare systems need to work harder than ever to reduce turnover and develop their nurses. Nurse turnover is costly to employers and disruptive to patient care, but high-quality information about what drives this turnover is scarce. How can an HR professional design

Compensation Predictions for 2018 & Lessons from 2017

Location. Location. Location. At PayScale, we analyze what matters when determining pay, from education to industry to skills to management responsibilities. Consistently, at the top of the list of these factors is location. This year, we decided to map out how location affects pay across the whole of the United States – and how things changed in 2017. We also took some time to identify some compensation predictions for 2018 to help organizations get ahead of the curve when it comes to thinking about compensation strategy and structure for the coming year and beyond.