Compensation Predictions for 2018 & Lessons from 2017

Location. Location. Location. At PayScale, we analyze what matters when determining pay, from education to industry to skills to management responsibilities. Consistently, at the top of the list of these factors is location. This year, we decided to map out how location affects pay across the whole of the United States – and how things changed in 2017. We also took some time to identify some compensation predictions for 2018 to help organizations get ahead of the curve when it comes to thinking about compensation strategy and structure for the coming year and beyond.

The PayScale Methodology Explained

This post provides an overview of the PayScale dataset and the proprietary model we use to calculate expected pay. It also defines terms we commonly use in our research.   The PayScale Dataset The data we use for our research come from the PayScale online salary survey unless otherwise specified. This survey, which is ongoing,