Make data-led compensation decisions

Access our constantly updated employer-reported salary data—filtered in Payfactors by industry and location—and stop estimating compensation decisions.

Make better salary decisions with fresher data

Keep pace with
your peers

Select the companies in your industry that you want to track, and scope data by identifying the filters and specs that matter most to your business.

Keep track of emerging

Stop relying on age-old salary data. Peer shows you what the market is paying now. You can even drill down for super-granularity to pay by post code.

Price a hot job
(in a hurry)

Rapidly uncover the fresh salary data the survey vendors don’t have. Set your own scopes and build hyper-relevant scenarios that reflect real workplace shifts.

Take control, stay secure

Access to Peer data is protected by stringent permissions. Our data includes at least five companies, and data reporting adheres to US Government guidelines.

Core features of
Peer data

Peer provides access continuously updated HRIS salary data segmented by industry, and delivered as a dynamic, map-based experience in Payfactors.

  • Company/HR-reported comp data on demand
  • One fee covers unlimited custom-scopes and data
  • Constantly growing with 3,470 current participants.
  • Fast, accurate, data-safe, and US Government-compliant

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Peer by
the numbers

100+ industries
in 167 countries
7.21 million
employees represented
4,500 jobs
in our database
36 new companies
joining Peer a week
3,470 organisations

Experience the direct line to employer data

Demo our on-demand, employer-reported data network. Discover what it’s like to have direct access to the competitive comp data you need to make better, quicker salary decisions. See how Peer makes it possible.