Survey management built on trusted partnerships for the EU market

Payscale allows you to combine multiple surveys, including data from survey publishers, and manage all of your surveys in one place.

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Add trusted survey findings into your data.

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Leverage our partnerships with the leading survey publishers

Salary data from reliable sources

We help you manage your existing data from employers and validated third-party consultancies so you can have confidence that your pay data is accurate.

Flexibility to mix and match data

Use whatever surveys you need from whichever publishers you prefer—right in our platform—and add other data streams to further inform your pay strategy.

Streamlined survey management

Get help with survey participation and data integration through customised tools and templates as well as services from experts to accelerate the process.

Survey recommendation

MarketPay users can employ Data Marketplace and our AI-powered recommendation engine to find suggestions of survey data used by other organisations.

See how to manage all your surveys in one place

Schedule your customised demo of our survey publisher’s data and discover why leading survey publishers like Mercer and Empsight have chosen to partner with Payscale. You’ll learn how easy it is to improve the data lifecycle experience through seamless survey loading and participation experiences.