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Payfactors now provides three data sources to help organisations quickly respond to a changing talent market and the technology for organisations of all sizes to create more equitable and transparent pay practices.

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Gain a competitive edge in a fierce talent market while building a more fair, equitable and transparent pay strategy

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"The flexibility & speed needed in an ever-changing world."

- University of Notre Dame

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"It is innovative and cool. I feel good about the data. It is a new world, and I am impressed with the innovation."

- Classpass

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"For some jobs, the data is continually changing, and it can be hard to get these recent changes from traditional surveys. We can always find a benchmark with Payfactors."

- Petsmart

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"We were able to leverage our IT compensation data to attract and retain top talent."

- Kalispell Regional Healthcare

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"We founded Angel City on the principle of pay equity. By locking arms with Payscale, we ensure that our organization adheres to a standard of equitable compensation"

- Angel City FC

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"Payfactors provides an objective measuring stick for employee compensation, backed with hard data."

- Hitatchi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC

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"Payfactors has helped us more easily realize where we have pay gaps and how we can align better to the market when pricing jobs."

- Smithfield Foods

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Redefining the compensation data experience

Payfactors offers three diverse and dynamic compensation data sets through a single platform to help you understand where competitive pay trends are going while quickly adapting to the changing talent environment


For organisations that want timely, transparent employer reported data based on industry peers that is fully customisable

HR Market Analysis

For organisations that want fast and easy access to HR-reported compensation data that has been expertly analysed by compensation professionals and data scientists

Employee Reported

For organisations in fast-moving markets, emerging or niche industries and companies that need real-time granular geographic and skills data to attract and retain talent



Payfactors resources ensure that your product questions are answered. Our tools and guides are designed to help you easily navigate the product.

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Share your real-world perspective with the Payfactors product team—from directly within the platform—to help inform and influence our future roadmap.


Connect and collaborate with a worldwide network of compensation pros. These dedicated experts can support your team at any stage of your journey.

Additional Features from Payfactors

Job Description

Centralize job descriptions in a single location with workflows to encourage collaboration all while connecting directly with your compensation strategy.
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Pay Equity

Prove your commitment to fair pay with a pay equity analysis solution that uncovers pay gaps and helps you understand how to close them.
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Compensation Planning

Drive efficient review and adjustment cycles with a collaborative solution that increases confidence in pay decisions and increased governance for consistent pay decisions.
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Total Rewards Statements

Improve employee pay communications and employee engagement with personalized statements that help employees understand their total compensation package.
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