Streamline compensation planning in the UK

Compensation management is about more than the initial salary offer. It also means planning for regular pay rises to keep up with inflation, reward performance, and adjust to the changing market, all while maintaining pay equity.

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Collaborate directly with managers on pay raises

Payscale's compensation planning software streamlines how you share information with managers about salary data and budgets, collaborate on recommendations for pay raises both in and out of the pay increase cycle, and obtain approvals to get pay right.

  • Invite managers to be part of the process
  • Configure workflows with the right people
  • Communicate in one secure location
  • Steer managers in the right direction
  • Provide visibility into budget availability
  • Enable effective pay communications

How comp planning with Payscale makes an impact

Improve collaboration

With customizable workflows, HR can directly and seamlessly interact with managers on pay increases to maximize salary budgets, reward performance, and ensure fair pay for team members.

Foster transparency

By inviting people managers to be part of the pay increase process, you enable stronger pay communications between employees and their managers and build trust in HR across the organization.

Streamline processes

Payscale software sends notifications, enables chat, records change history, and manages permissions so you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on getting pay right.

Get help with compensation planning for pay increases

Payscale has managed service teams with compensation consultants to help you get the most from your compensation software

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