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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is PayScale and what is MarketPay?
PayScale is the leading provider of compensation management software and real-time salary data. MarketPay is PayScale’s multi-survey compensation management platform.

Why did Mercer select PayScale as a strategic ally?
Mercer is investing in PayScale to expand its digital capabilities with cloud and crowd software and data, reinforcing its commitment to developing new technologies to support clients in their transition to workforce digitization.

How long will I have access to ePRISM?
ePRISM will remain in service until March 31, 2018. Clients will have access to ePRISM until they are migrated to PayScale MarketPay or the March 31 sunset date, whichever comes first.

What if I don’t want to move to PayScale MarketPay / Is there an option to stay on ePRISM?
We selected PayScale MarketPay as the best option for our clients because its functionality is closest to ePRISM. ePRISM will remain in service until March 31, 2018, after which the system will no longer be supported and access will be turned off. Mercer will no longer invest in ePRISM, and between now and the sunset of ePRISM only critical defect work will take place.

If you have considered MarketPay in the past and don’t want to migrate, we’d like to understand why because we based our decision to collaborate with PayScale to meet your needs, particularly with exciting upcoming PayScale product releases.


How does PayScale MarketPay compare to ePRISM?
We have a video you can reference for specifics, and there is a series of demo webinar sessions scheduled for a more in-depth comparison. Generally speaking, the functionality is similar but PayScale MarketPay has more modern reporting, a more streamlined participation process, and more intuitive workflow. PayScale is also the best option to deliver the compensation management software roadmap we designed for ePRISM.

I have a very specific process in ePRISM that Mercer set up for me, will that be available in PayScale MarketPay?
Mercer is confident that PayScale will support your compensation efforts and downstream processes. We have reviewed client databases and security to ensure PayScale MarketPay’s functionality will cover client-specific situations. As a part of your migration process, your specific needs will be reviewed and we will work with PayScale to determine how we can best meet your needs.

How long will the migration from ePRISM to PayScale MarketPay take?
The migration can happen very quickly, in as little as a few weeks. Migrations will be phased and you will be contacted to discuss your specific needs and proposed timing.

If you would like to take the opportunity to do any data cleanup before the migration, we will work with you.

What will my/my company’s role be in the migration?
Your team’s time commitment during this process will be very low, but will include an initial confirmation discussion and time to be trained on PayScale MarketPay. Mercer and PayScale have been preparing for migrations and we have tools to enable an efficient migration. We will also ask that you name a resource who can answer questions that might arise during the migration process.

What if I have product or migration questions?
You can contact your Mercer Account Manager or Client Manager, or you can send an email to epcomteam@mercer.com with the specific questions and we’ll have our technical team review and follow up with you. Please note: emailing epcomteam@mercer.com is the quickest way to receive a response.

Will I have access to the same reports in PayScale MarketPay that I have in ePRISM?
Yes, you will have access to similar reports. As part of your migration, we will discuss your custom reports that will be migrated.

I want to see/show my team a demo of the tool – what are my options?
We will be having regular demos on the functionality; click here to register.

How will I be trained on the PayScale MarketPay system?
Once your data is migrated to the PayScale MarketPay tool, a series of online training sessions will be scheduled with the PayScale team to train you on your system and ensure your team is comfortable with navigation and use.

Who will be my contact at PayScale?
When you sign over your ePRISM agreement from Mercer to PayScale, you will be introduced to your PayScale contacts. For now, please contact epcomteam@mercer.com with any questions.

What will happen to my data in ePRISM? What will be migrated?
At a coordinated time after “novation”, we plan to migrate your Job and Employee data to the PayScale MarketPay tool using your current HRIS files. Your current matches and survey jobs will also be migrated.

Billing / Legal Matters / Fees

How will billing work going forward?
Effective immediately after ‘novation’, clients will receive their next invoice from PayScale when it is due. This will remain through the end of your current ePRISM term. After the end of your current term, you will renew with PayScale directly.

What if I have changes to the novation agreement?
If your company would like to propose changes to the novation agreement, please redline and send to epcomteam@mercer.com for Mercer’s review.

My technical or procurement teams will need to be involved in a decision to sign over the contract. Who should I connect them with?
You can send an email to epcomteam@mercer.com to request a meeting with the Mercer PayScale Communications Team. Please note in your email your intended discussion topics so we ensure the right resources are on the call.

Will my fees change or be updated once I novate?
No, your current fees will remain in place for the duration of your ePRISM contract.

Will I have to pay to migrate or pay for training with PayScale MarketPay?
With “novation” of your existing contract, there will be no charges for migration or training. We will have the authority and ability to migrate your existing Job and Employee data to the PayScale MarketPay tool using your current HRIS files. Your current matches and survey jobs will also be migrated.

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