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Join Payscale’s Director of Social Impact, Vicky Peakman; and Payscale’s Chief Product Evangelist, Ruth Thomas on Tuesday, February 14th at 2 PM GMT as they discuss pay transparency and its impending impact on European organisations and their HR/Compensation teams.

So how do you effectively attract the best talent in the market? What should you do to retain your top talent? Payscale’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Emily Kent, and Senior HR Business Partner, Tim Douglass, will be answering these questions and more. Register now and find out what you can do to recruit, and keep, the best talent for your organization

Join the Payfactors product and data teams on Thursday, February 2nd at 9 AM PST as they kick off the new year and discuss what is new, and what is coming, in the Payfactors platform.

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