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How to answer “what are your salary expectations” in a job interview

Salary negotiation has gotten more complicated, even with the rise of pay transparency. We have three strategies for answering the question "what are your salary expectations" in a job interview, including how to gracefully avoid answering the question completely.

How to ask for a raise when you are underpaid

Learn how to determine if you are underpaid—and if so, how to ask for a raise to bring your salary to a fair market rate.

How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Congratulations! You’ve made it through all those potential road blocks in the job application process and scored yourself an interview for a job you really want. But once the interview is over, what should you do while you play the waiting game? How do you follow up after a job interview without...

Do This Before You Answer, ‘What Are Your Salary Requirements?’

It’s everyone’s least favorite job interview question: “What are your salary requirements?” And while there are ways to avoid answering until you’re comfortable starting the salary negotiation process, sometimes you’re going to get stuck. Other times, it’s in your best interests to answer when asked. For example, PayScale’s research has shown that...

Tiffany Haddish Asks for What She’s Worth and Says You Should, Too

In a new interview with Variety, comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish shares how she asks frank questions about money in order to be paid what she deserves. Having open and honest conversations about salary isn’t always easy. For one thing, many employers encourage an air of secrecy around salary, even if supporting...

Don’t Fall for These 5 Salary Negotiation Myths

Seventy percent of people who ask for a raise get some kind of pay increase, according to recent results from PayScale’s survey. Thirty-nine percent even get the exact amount they ask for. Still, many people are reluctant to ask. Only 37 percent of respondents say they’ve negotiated for a raise at their...

Negotiating While Female: You Are Not the Problem

The gender pay gap persists, even among women and men with the same qualifications and experience. One way to close that gap, experts often say, is to encourage women to negotiate salary. But when research shows that women who negotiate are penalized, is it really their fault if they find it hard...

5 Salary Negotiation Tips for People Who’ve Never Negotiated Salary

Negotiating for a higher salary can really pay off in the end. But, if you’re new to salary negotiation, you might not know how, and when, to ask for more. Seventy-five percent of people who ask for a raise receive some kind of increase. Still, 57 percent of respondents to our survey...

5 Negotiation Tricks for ‘Way Too Nice’ People

If you’re extra nice by nature, the thought of entering a negotiation can feel like a major undertaking. As someone who considers themselves to be extremely conflict averse, I was prone to asking my mom to handle difficult phone conversations into my twenties. Then, I finally realized that being nice doesn’t have to...

5 Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Will Keep You Underpaid

Only 43 percent of respondents to PayScale’s survey said that they’d ever negotiated salary in their current field. Why? Mostly out of fear. Among those who had never negotiated salary, 28 percent said that they were uncomfortable asking, while 19 percent said that they didn’t want to be perceived as pushy. Eight...

Why You Should Ask for a Promotion Soon (or Get Ready to Wait)

Advocating for yourself can help advance your career. But, asking for a promotion isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors to weigh in advance. One of them is timing. Timing is everything, they say. And, when it comes to asking for a promotion, they just might be right. Certain times of...

Should You Negotiate That Salary Offer?

The job search process can be long and arduous. Even when things move quickly, finding employment is still pretty stressful. So, when you’re offered a position, it’s understandable to want to jump on it and accept the job right away. But, should you negotiate that offer instead? Although negotiating salary often pays...

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