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Fringe benefits: Everything you need to know

Discover what fringe benefits are and how they can impact your job satisfaction and financial well-being. Learn about common types of fringe benefits and their pros and cons.

What makes a good boss? How to be a good manager and leader

Do you want to learn how to be a good boss? Here are seven attributes for what makes a boss good and how to develop them in yourself.

7 Communication Tips for Working Remotely When You Usually Don’t

Looking for research? View PayScale’s Research and Strategy Guide on How to Set Pay for Remote Workers In an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, many companies are asking — or mandating — that employees work from home for a while. As a result, some people are working...

Is Your Boss Lying to You?

Is your boss lying to you? The truth is that managers may lie more than most. In a SimplyHired survey, 37% supervisors admitted to telling “white lies” at least once a week, compared to 30% of associates and 28% of entry-level workers. Further, supervisors were most likely to lie up and down...

Corporate Wellness Companies Can Predict When You’ll Get Sick, Pregnant, or Need Surgery

The corporate wellness market is booming. According to a report from the RAND Corporation, which was sponsored by the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services, more than half of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees currently offer corporate wellness benefits. Some use outside vendors to administer...

Use Color Theory to Make Your Job Amazing

Feeling blah at work? Maybe your decor is the problem. Use color theory to help you feel calmer, more focused and more productive. You don’t have to be an artist to understand how certain colors can inspire feelings and emotions. Some hues make us feel calm and centered; others, anxious and scattered....

Microsoft Japan’s 4-Day Workweek Boosted Productivity by Nearly 40%

Recently, Microsoft Japan experimented with switching to a four-day workweek. The results of the trial will come as a surprise to anyone who buys into the idea that more time at work is the best way to boost productivity. (Your boss, perhaps.) A five-day workweek is the standard in the United States...

5 Awesome Annual Bonus Stories to Make You Smile

Over half of employers offer some kind of annual bonus, according PayScale’s Compensation Best Practices Report. Some even offer this kind of variable pay quarterly (17%) or monthly (11%). But it safe to say that very few employers are offering free trips to Hawaii or $100,000 in cash to their lucky employees....

How to Use Your Winter Vacation to Boost Your Career

Are you taking a winter vacation this year? There are ways to use your time away that could benefit you professionally. (And don’t worry: none of them involve checking your work email.) At first, the idea that going on vacation could boost your career might seem counterintuitive, especially to Americans who tend...

If You Work at Home, You’ve Experienced These 10 Struggles

There are a lot of benefits associated with working from home. Many workers find that they’re more productive and happier once they’ve made the switch. However, that doesn’t mean that working remotely is all fun and games. There are some common struggles associated with working from home. If you’re considering telecommuting, you...

5 Red Flags That You’re Addicted to Being Busy

When is the last time you mentioned how busy you are? Perhaps someone asked you how you were doing and you responded, “Busy.” Our culture normalizes being constantly on the go. Sometimes, it feels like we’re all competing with one another to see who’s got the most to do and the least...

How to Resolve Team Conflict

The downside to working with passionate, committed people is that sometimes, you’re going to disagree on the best way forward. Best-case scenario, colleagues listen to each other’s point of view respectfully, and work together to come to a consensus that achieves the team’s goals. Of course, that best-case scenario is often hard...

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