Customer Education & Training

Welcome! – are you ready to dig into PayScale Education and training resources? Below you will find On Demand training resources organized by product. There is additional pre-recorded content that is helpful for getting up to speed on compensation concepts and mastering the platforms.


The PayScale Classroom series are designed to give you hands on training in an interactive classroom setting. Come with questions, get some answers! This 60-minute session is facilitated in a question/answer format while focusing on building fundamental skills and completing functional tasks that will help you better utilize your PayScale platform. Learn with your peers and share best practices.


It is recommended that participants attend an introductory Live Group Training prior to jumping in to a classroom session.


Insight Lab Classroom – Reporting and Analytics

Prerequisite: This classroom session is designed for Insight Lab users that have completed a significant portion of the job pricing and have relevant market data. The session will focus on the functionalities of Report Writer, diving into how to create, edit and export reports as well as highlighting the visualizations within the Analytic Dashboards.


Insight/Benchmark Classroom – Benchmarking and Labor Markets

This classroom session is designed for Insight and Benchmark users in need of foundational training to better understand the practice of benchmarking and defining a labor market. The session will focus on best practices for defining a competitive talent pool and pricing a job. Bring questions, as these two elements are the most important part of implementing a meaningful market analysis.


Insight/Benchmark Classroom – Crowdsourced Methodology, Detailed Market Reports, Reporting

This classroom session is designed for Insight and Benchmark users to have a better understanding the methodology of PayScale’s crowdsourced data set, the Detailed Market reports and Reporting. This classroom session will help to answer common questions around utilizing the data and analyzing relevant reports.

Comp Foundations – General Recorded Sessions


PayScale Insight gives organizations the ability to build, manage, and communicate a compensation strategy in a streamlined, easy to follow cloud-based software. Powered by the world’s largest crowdsourced compensation database, Insight offers relevant and real-time market analysis for your active workforce.


PayScale Benchmark gives organizations access to real-time market analysis. This cloud-based software simplifies the way businesses build and manage a compensation strategy. Powered by the world’s largest crowdsourced compensation database, Benchmark offers relevant market analysis with over 40 million salary profiles, 14,000 job, and 250 compensable factors.

Insight Lab

PayScale Insight Lab is a modern survey management software built to streamline organizations compensation program. Insight Lab embodies the art and science of compensation by creating a secure environment for users to utilize multiple data sources, including PayScale’s crowd-sourced database. Insight Lab leverages data analytics and gives users the ability implement focused strategies based on business needs.


PayScale team focuses on the things that matter; speaking a common language,  bringing teams together, empowering managers, having meaningful conversations, growing as a business as one team. Team is a collaboration tool that reinforces the attitude that compensation decisions are made by a team, not HR or managers alone- it’s a team sport.

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