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Why PayScale?

Advanced Home Care began the search for a new system that would both streamline the compensation process and give the company more real-time data—crucial to attracting and retaining top talent. "We looked at five different vendors, including Towers Watson. In the end, PayScale was the best option for Advanced Home Care. It gave us the most flexibility and the best data," said Edrington. "Plus PayScale’s reports are extremely helpful, especially the market differential analysis report (MDA). It provides great information: base compensation, total compensation and even a report rating which helps validate how our position compares to the market. The reports also provide us with a breakdown of salary ranges based on experience. We didn’t find anything comparable with other vendors."

As the sole compensation manager, Edrington had little time to manage implementation. "At the time, I was struggling to keep track of all my projects, because I also manage our HRIS system. PayScale was able to do some initial assessments for us, and the rollout process went extremely well. Our consultant was wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. It was a great experience."

"We’re in multiple markets and have over 250 different types of jobs, many of which are unique to home care."
Patty Edrington, Compensation Manager

Pain Points:

Accurate job pricing
Identify flight risks
Improve retention

The Results:

Identified flight risks faster

With PayScale, the HR team has improved their ability to detect high-performing employees who aren’t being compensated appropriately. "I love the executive report. It allows me to quickly identify flight risks," said Edrington. "Then with the summary report, I can look at a position, the up-to-date market information, and the employee’s experience and make adjustments as needed. Just as importantly, I can also see which employees are underperforming but being overpaid."

Improved retention

PayScale’s easy to use reports have also helped Advanced Home Care improve retention rates. "We’re not only identifying flight risks, but we’re now able to look at all employees and evaluate both their pay and the market. We’re much more competitive," said Edrington. "As result, we’ve been able to retain employees who previously felt they weren’t being adequately compensated for their experience and skills. When it comes to our clinical staff, such as physical therapists, it’s a huge help from a cost perspective, as recruiting and training a new therapist can cost up to 100% of that salary."

Saved time and money

Prior to PayScale, pulling together a market report for an existing position took between two to three hours. According to Edrington, “I can put together a complete market report within an hour now. PayScale has saved me a ton of time. Plus, we’re able to manage executive compensation planning in-house now, which is a huge cost saving to our organization.”

Increased leadership’s confidence in HR

PayScale’s broad range of real-time market-driven data has increased senior leaders’ confidence in HR, both in the management of compensation and their value as a strategic partner in the company’s future growth and longevity. "Our leadership team knows we’re using real-time data to help us make informed compensation decisions and that we’re in a better position to retain high-performing employees. It has increased their confidence in our team," said Edrington.

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