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“Like many companies, we knew until you get compensation right you can’t really move forward in hiring and retaining people..”
Connor Hayes, HR Director

Why PayScale?

After reading the book Drive by Daniel Pink, the Filament leadership team focused in on the elements of employment that motivate people to do great things. With this insight, Filament set out to rethink compensation and employee engagement. Filament partnered with PayScale to develop a compensation strategy which would allow them to competitively compensate the professionals they needed.

Pain Points:

Needed to develop Comp foundation.
Attract talent in competitive roles.
Looking to motivate and engage employees.

The Results:

Attracted Competitive Talent

Many of Filament’s desired positions are in high demand, with most of the talent in those fields gravitating towards tech hubs like San Francisco and New York. Using PayScale, Filament was able to compete for talent in the national market without fear of overpaying, both strengthening their roster and protecting their bottom line.

Gave Executives Insight

Since going live, the leadership team has been able to leverage PayScale to see how specific “mission critical” roles are compensated, as well as get a clearer perspective on the overall organization. “They all enjoy it, all the information is so clear. Recently our CTO, Alex, was able to dig into a Market Report and understand the data, where it was coming from, what the trends were, in a simple, visual way.”

Motivated Employees

As a result of partnering with PayScale, Filament was positioned to clearly define every position within the organization. This helped employees understand their job description, their compensation, and the professional growth paths available to them. “If an employee wants this raise, these are the skills they need to get or grow; and get to that next salary level,” says Connor. “It’s really empowered our staff to take control on their own professional development.”

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