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Why PayScale?

At first, FlightStar tried using a local consultant to develop a new compensation strategy—yet experienced less than ideal results. According to Johnson, "It was a train wreck. The consultant didn’t have the level of sophistication we needed. They couldn’t get their hands on a wide- enough base of comparative data." Johnson researched other options, talking with trusted sources from his 25 years in HR. "PayScale kept coming up. I went online to do a Free Salary Report and the rest is history. They helped us develop a compensation strategy that was truly soup to nuts, both hourly and salaried. PayScale did all the heavy lifting and made me look good."

“I’m not a compensation professional by any stretch. I just know enough to be dangerous. PayScale gave us hands-on approach we needed to work through the rollout”
Chris Johnson, Director of HR

Pain Points:

Enhance HR’s role as a strategic partner
Improve access to credible compensation data
Increase transparency

The Results:

Eliminated Guesswork from Compensation Decisions

With PayScale, Gagnon and his team can ensure they’re paying competitively for many different roles, not just food service positions—crucial to companies that may work in one industry but must hire across several. PayScale’s 15,000 unique job profiles make it simple for Choicelunch to review and compare all position salaries. “When you have 220 employees, all working in different roles, in different cities, it’s really difficult to identify who is underpaid and who may be above market. PayScale makes that easy,” said Gagnon.

Enhanced the Strategic Partnership Value of HR

Before PayScale, Choicelunch saw varied retention rates across cities, even though employees were making the same amount. “We were basing all our rates off our home market, assuming everyone should be paid the same. Yet turnover was really low in Huntington Beach and really high in San Jose,” said Gagnon. Because PayScale identifies compensation medians within small geographic areas, Choicelunch can also compare and determine salaries within a single metropolitan zone, with multiple labor markets like Oakland and San Jose. “PayScale is helping us more easily identify and monitor flight risks,” said Gagnon.

Improved Financial Sustainability

While compensation is a key component in a smart employee engagement and retention strategy, it must first be in line with the organization’s financial goals. “Our previous dollar-a-year increase was going to put us in trouble very soon,” said Johnson. "With PayScale’s database and tools, I know we’re making decisions about compensation that are financially sustainable."

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