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Why PayScale?

The Sungevity HR team went on the hunt for robust software that would help them to attract top talent and develop a compensation strategy for the company. When team members came across PayScale, they discovered that the software and support team allowed them to resolve the problems that they were encountering. “The partnership with PayScale means that I can call and say ‘I can’t figure this out,’ and get genuine responsive support that is really hard to find anymore.” Hollingshead said.

"Very seldom do I find a SaaS vendor that is as responsive as PayScale. The expertise you bring is very valuable."
Susan Hollingshead, SVP of People and Corporate Services

Pain Points:

Attract Talent
Retain Talent
Improve Performance

The Results:

Cost Effective from the Start

Time is money, and when a company takes too long to get compensation sorted out; resources are wasted. PayScale was able to take guesswork out of calculating employee pay. By using fresh and accurate data; PayScale creates compensation plans and benchmarks that are up to speed with today’s competitive labor market. Real-time data has allowed leaders at Sungevity to have increased confidence when making job offers, and they have reported receiving much higher acceptance rates. In addition to this, managers are also more comfortable discussing salaries with their employees during performance reviews and department reforms.

Provided Clarity in Making Critical Decisions

When deciding where to grow next, the leadership team looked at over 100 cities in the U.S. using multiple criteria. Ultimately, it was PayScale’s data that helped narrow down their list to the last six locations and choose the optimal destination. Having market data that was current as oppose to aged was the factor that enabled the team members to make the best decision possible.

PayScale was also able to assist Sungevity last year when their comp management software wasn’t working well. They ended up switching to PayScale pay-for-performance structure, and received phenomenal support from team members. When it came time for their reviews, they handed a report to every manager based on the merit budget and the performance ratings for each employee. This took only a few days instead of the weeks that would have lost trying to fix their other software.

Overall, Susan Hollingshead has enjoyed participating in the growth of both PayScale and Sungevity. The two companies have been able to grow together in their partnership since Sungevity first started using PayScale as an affordable tool for a small company. Susan and her team appreciate how PayScale has never failed to meet their company’s needs and help their team to perform successfully.

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