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Why PayScale?

In Brooks’ previous positions at large companies, she used enterprise systems designed to manage compensation for thousands of employees. At Tax Analysts, there wasn’t the budget for that kind of system—yet the organization still needed to manage compensation strategically. “I had implemented PayScale at another organization,” said Brooks. “It is a great option and has much of the same functionality as those enterprise systems, just on a smaller scale.”

“Using Crew was amazing. It was the most organized way that we had ever done our increases in the history of the company. And the company has been around since 1970.”
Colette Brooks, Chief Human Resources Officer

Pain Points:

Lack of compensation strategy within nonprofit industry
Benchmarking employees to the correct market
Challenge to compete for top talent

The Results:

Spent 28% less time on the increase and raise process

Previously, a reliance on spreadsheets to sort out raises resulted in “a fantastic mess,” with Brooks delivering locked spreadsheets to managers only to have the files unlocked and changed. “Using Crew made a night and day difference between what we once had to do manually with spreadsheets,” said Brooks. “With PayScale Crew, the time it required to complete our increases and raises decreased by 28%.”

Enabled more strategic use of existing resources

PayScales Crew doesn’t just save time; it also saves resources through a more efficient use of people’s knowledge and skills. “Unfortunately, I was performing tasks that could be done through automation, which wasn’t a very valuable use of my time,” said Brooks.

Improved HR’s credibility with managers

Managers quickly adapted to Crew after discovering how it would simplify the entire increase process. “They finally understood why we were asking them to learn and use one more tool,” said Brooks.

Increased the ability to compete for top talent in a competitive market

The team is relying on PayScale Crew to help them navigate coming challenges in compensation management. “We’re a multimedia company and a nonprofit. But we hire tax lawyers, who not only have a JD, but a masters in tax. The question is, how do you pay them for that sophisticated level of knowledge when you’re not paying them a flat amount?” said Brooks.

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