Payscale data via API

PayScale offers access to fresh salary data, including the world’s largest salary database with 55 million profiles, to help companies improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their service. This unique data is available via an API, built by developers for developers, for instant access.

Real-time updates
Specific to city/state/country
Fine-tuned by title, experience, education & skills
Tap into pay, YOE & skill impact reports
Free trial to ensure fit
Partnership models for numerous use cases
Volume-based pricing
Powered by Payscale
Crowdsourced data: real time snapshot of salary data
PayScale Crowdsourced Data, the world’s largest salary database with over 55 million profiles, provides a snapshot on real-time compensation data and captures skills and location data, factoring in education and experience as well.
Validated data you can rely on
All PayScale Data is meticulously validated to ensure the highest quality before providing insights. We have a variety of statistical and validation steps to ensure PayScale data is a true reflection of the market, giving you full confidence and compliance.
Effortless access via API
Access PayScale’s robust salary data within seconds via an API built by developers for developers.

API Reports Available

Pay report

Compensation overview containing multiple sub reports each with detailed statistics (10/25/50/75/90 percentiles, average, standard deviation, etc.)

Years of experience report

10/25/50/75/90 base pay percentiles across a range of years of experience, for determining how pay changes over the course of a career.

Skills impact report

A list of skills associated with a job title, and how those skills change pay for that job title, along with some descriptive statistics around the relative popularity of that skill.

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