How To Motivate Employees


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Employee motivation is a core part of employee engagement. How your organization keeps your best employees motivated and engaged can have a real impact on employee retention and your bottom line. When employees are motivated and engaged, organizations benefit by reducing turnover in addition to producing better business results. However, motivating employees is easier said than done, and if employee motivation and engagement is becoming an central focus for your organization, there are a few things PayScale recommends you should consider before making any sweeping changes internally. In this ebook, you’ll get an in-depth understanding and solutions on the following topics:

Why Does Employee Motivation Matter?There are tangible as well as intangible costs of turnover. These transitions can cause disruption, a loss of institutional knowledge, and a drop in morale and productivity. Progress can come to a halt, leaving projects months behind schedule. Additionally, consider that managers also play a crucial role in employee motivation. According to a BambooHR survey, the #1 reason people leave a job is their manager. The manager acts as the de facto organizational representative with the employee on a day to day basis. Employees who don’t have a good relationship with their boss are rarely satisfied with their work. Thus, the employee-manager relationship is critical to success in a role. When that critical contact point breaks down, employees are likely to leave.

How To Train Your Managers To Be Better MotivatorsTo help your managers become the best managers they can be, encourage them to tell you what they need to learn. Once you’ve identified their learning needs, you can create space for managers to talk to each other so that they can share best practices and learn from one another. “Ultimately, managers have one job: Hire the best talent and continuously engage them. Managers know who’s talented. And they know (or should know) who’s unhappy with their current situation. If they don’t meet the basic psychological needs of their most talented employees, they squander years of performance gains. At worst, they lose their talent (and whoever leaves with them) to their competitors.” – Gallop 2018

How To Get Employees To Want Stay At Your OrganizationOrganizations of all sizes are looking to understand how to better retain their employees, especially high performers. A good first step is taking a deeper look at how different dimensions of employee engagement are the fundamental building blocks of a high performing organization. In this ebook, we drill down into the following:

  • What is needed to actually get work done?
  • What factors fuel work?
  • What do employees really get from work?
  • What elements contribute to employees getting work done?


For more information on employee motivation and a deeper dive into all of these elements, download the employee motivation ebook.