2013 Market Value of CHRP Certification Infographic


Most Canadian HR professionals know that getting designated a Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) is worth the time and effort. But, do you realize just how much it correlates to career growth and momentum?

To see the complete results, get the research report: The 2013 Market Value of CHRP Certification.

Methodology Using its database of more than 40 million salary profiles and 250 compensable factors, PayScale analyzed various aspects of Human Resources (HR) positions in Canada, comparing results for professionals with and without a CHRP certification. Limiting its research to data from March 2012 to March 2013, PayScale determined how HR positions for those holding a CHRP designation differ from those without the certification, in terms of pay levels nationally, across industries, company sizes and metropolitan areas. Additionally, PayScale completed further analysis that compares career progression of CHRP holders to PHR (the equivalent U.S. certificate) holders.  
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