Compensation Best Practices for 2018

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Compensation Best Practices for 2018

The way you craft and communicate your compensation strategy and approach — what you pay, how you pay and why you pay the way you do—are critical components of your pay brand and can have a significant impact on your ability to attract and retain talent. It turns out that most organizations leave pay communication to managers, who most HR and business leaders tell us they don’t trust to have tough conversations around pay or to explain the rationale behind pay decisions. Something is broken here.

Join PayScale as we discuss the findings from the 2018 Compensation Best Practices Report and how you can bridge the trust gap with managers around pay communication.

Register for this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Where organizations set compensation budgets last year and what they’re targeting for 2018
  • The importance of intentionally crafting your pay brand and how compensation communication impacts that brand
  • What sets top-performing companies apart in terms of compensation strategies
  • How organizations are utilizing variable pay to attract and retain talent
  • More about the salary history question debate and how organizations are thinking about compensation conversations with job candidates

Please note: This webinar is non-accredited.