Coffee Chat: 2021 Compensation Best Practices Follow Up

Webinar Recording


PayScale’s HR team is back for round 2! You tuned in to the Navigating Compensation in a Changing World webinar, submitted your questions, and we unfortunately ran out of time to get to them all – but good news! We’re back and ready to answer the rest of them.

Amy Stewart, author of the 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report, will be asking our returning hosts your already submitted questions – round robin style. We’ll also open it up for new, incoming questions as well, so we welcome you to take advantage of this laid back, casual environment to ask us your most pressing HR or talent-related questions.

Here’s some of what we plan to cover:

  • Pay equity: equity disparities with old vs. new comp models, equity strategies for hiring new talent
  • Remote work: value of work-from-home options, existing budget structures for attracting talent, remote vs. non-remote jobs
  • Compensation practices: balancing comp strategy shifts, using PayScale data to determine compensation, motivating & retaining top employees, pay compression strategies
  • Finding synergy between compensation and talent teams
  • And you guessed it – much more!