Fair Pay Isn’t Equal and Equal Pay Isn’t Fair

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Fair Pay Isn’t Equal and Equal Pay Isn’t Fair

April 4th was Equal Pay Day in 2017. Many states have passed equal pay laws to remedy inequities in pay between women and men. Equal pay is more than a compliance requirement; it’s one way to ensure fair pay in an organization.

But fair pay goes far beyond equal pay.

It means paying fairly to the market, across the organization, based on organizational priorities, and based on performance and results. But paying everyone the same often isn’t fair, either. Successful companies know how to pay fairly and to incorporate fair pay into their pay brand.

Join PayScale’s Mykkah Herner and Rita Patterson as they discuss how companies can successfully connect fair pay with equal pay.

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  • Understanding equal pay and opportunity
  • The importance of fair pay for your organization
  • How to communicate equal and fair pay