Job Descriptions and the Future of Work

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Work is changing, whether we’re ready for it or not. Business disruption has already changed the way we work today but technology will change the way we work tomorrow. Are you prepared?

To survive, we need to adapt. Adapt our thinking, our processes, and programs. The jobs of the future will look very different from those of today. How roles are changing, where they are performed and who fulfills them are evolving in real-time. According to The Future of Jobs Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum, the economic trend of technological augmentation has only increased, leaving experts to forecast that 15% of today’s jobs will be disrupted by technological advances and on average, 6% of jobs could be completely phased out. Also having a significant impact is the high skills gap of in-demand skills, increased interest in remote work and concerns that, without taking proactive steps to combat the current trajectory, technological advances and the pandemic recession will only exacerbate inequality amongst women and minority groups. So, what do we do to make sure we’re setting ourselves up for future success?

Join Don Berman from JDXpert, as he discusses the ways organizations can leverage job information and technology to successfully adapt to changing work, competition for talent, business disruption, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).