Pay Equity Analysis: Why, Who, How, and When

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PayScale Webinar

Pay equity is a hot topic inside most organizations and for very good reasons. Socially, it’s the right thing to do and it’s also good for business. That’s why it is imperative organizations get a grasp on pay equity gaps to minimize risk of losing top talent and tarnishing the brand reputation.

Understanding if pay inequity exists inside your organization is challenging. Conducting a pay equity analysis is one way to comprehend any pay disparity. A pay equity analysis can help:

  • Build employee trust and engagement
  • Hire and retain top talent
  • Save money


Join Payscale’s Becky Wood, Director of Applied Analytics Services, and Tammi Lynd, Account Executive, in a discussion about the why, who, how, and when of conducting a pay equity analysis. Learn what pay equity looks like in 2021 and the tools you need to analyze the pay equity position at your organization.