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Popular Industries
Machine Gear Manufacturing
Machine Shop
Machine Tool Manufacturing
Machinery and Tool Manufacturing
Machinery Repair
Magazine Printing
Magazine Publisher
Magazine Stand
Mail Delivery
Mail Order Catalog
Mail Order Pharmacy
Mailing Machine Manufacturing
Mainframe Applications
Make-up Manufacturing
Malt Manufacturing
Managed Care Provider
Management Consulting
Management Training
Manicurist Services
Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealer
Manufactured (Mobile) Home Manufacturing
Manufactured Home Rental or Leasing
Manufactured or Modular Home Construction
Maple Syrup Gathering
Marble Mining or Quarrying
Marijuana Dispensary
Marijuana Production
Marine Cargo Handling
Marine Engineering Services
Marine Facility Management and Engineering
Marine Fishing
Marine Generator Manufacturing
Marine Navigation Instrument Manufacturing
Marine Navigation Regulation and Administration
Marine Navigation, Mapping, and Surveying
Marine Product Design
Marine Products and Boat Manufacturing
Marine Salvage
Marine Salvaging Services
Marine Service Station
Market Research
Marketing Agency
Marketing and Distribution Center
Marketing Communications
Marketing Consulting Services
Marketing Research or Public Opinion Polling
Marketing, Advertising, and Media Management
Martial Arts Instruction
Masonry Contractor
Masonry Manufacturing
Masonry, Wholesale
Massage Parlor
Massage School
Massage Therapist's Office
Material Flow or Sorting Solutions
Materials Handling
Materials Handling Consulting
Materials Handling Regulation and Administration
Materials Handling, Warehousing, and Storage
Materials Recovery Facility
Maternity Clothes Manufacturing
Mattress Manufacturing
Mattress Store
Mayonnaise, Dressing or Prepared Sauce Manufacturing
Mayor's Office
Measuring and Dispensing Pump Manufacturing
Measuring or Control Instrument Manufacturing
Meat Market
Meat Packing
Meat Processing
Meat, Wholesale
Mechanical Contractor
Mechanical Engineering Services
Mechanical Equipment Insulation
Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
Mechanical Seal Manufacturing
Mechanical Steel Tubing Manufacturing
Mechanical Steel Tubing, Wholesale
Media Buying Agency
Media Network
Media Streaming Services
Medical and Surgical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services
Medical Billing and Collection Services
Medical Call Center
Medical Device Manufacturing
Medical Device Research and Development
Medical Devices
Medical Devices and Diagnostic Services
Medical Devices, Wholesale
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturing
Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Wholesale
Medical Education Programs
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing
Medical Equipment and Supplies Store
Medical Equipment and Supplies, Wholesale
Medical Group
Medical Imaging Services
Medical Implants, Wholesale
Medical Insurance and Third Party Auditing (TPA)
Medical Laboratory
Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Medical Marijuana Distribution
Medical Office
Medical Oncology Services
Medical Pathology Laboratory
Medical Products/Technology
Medical Research
Medical School
Medical Sterilization Equipment Manufacturing
Medical Sterilization Equipment, Wholesale
Medical Transcription Services
Medical Transportation Services
Medical Waste Disposal
Medicare and Medicaid Administration
Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing
Membership Advocacy
Memorials Store
Memory Board Manufacturing
Men's Clothing Manufacturing
Men's Clothing Store
Men's Clothing, Wholesale
Mental Health Office
Menu Covers, Wholesale
Merchandise Marketing
Mergers and Acquisitions Legal Services
Messenger Service
Metal Alloys, Wholesale
Metal Box Manufacturing
Metal Can Manufacturing
Metal Coating and Engraving (except Jewelry and Silverware)
Metal Component Manufacturing
Metal Crown or Closure Stamping (except Automotive)
Metal Detector Manufacturing
Metal Door Manufacturing
Metal Drum Manufacturing
Metal Heat Treating
Metal Joist Manufacturing
Metal Kitchen or Utensil Manufacturing
Metal Mesh Product Manufacturing
Metal Mining Drilling Services
Metal Ore Mining
Metal Plating Manufacturing
Metal Plating, Polishing, Anodizing or Coloring
Metal Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing
Metal Recycling
Metal Sandblasting
Metal Scrap and Waste, Wholesale
Metal Service Centers and Other Metals, Wholesale
Metal Stamping
Metal Storage Container Manufacturing
Metal Window Frame Manufacturing
Metal Window or Door Manufacturing
Metal, Wholesale
Metallurgical Testing or Laboratory Services
Metals, Metallurgical, Minerals
Meteorological Services
Meter Reading
Microcontroller Manufacturing
Microelectronic Manufacturing
Microphone Manufacturing
Microprocessor Manufacturing
Microscope Manufacturing
Microwave and Satellite Component Manufacturing
Microwave and Satellite Component Research and Development
Military Intelligence Program (MIP)
Military or Armed Forces
Military Software Services
Military Training
Military Vehicle Manufacturing
Military, Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian Operations Support
Mineral or Chemical Products, Wholesale
Mineral Royalty Dealing
Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
Mining Machinery and Equipment Rental or Leasing
Mini-van Manufacturing
Missile Warhead Manufacturing
Missile, Space Vehicle, or Rocket Engine Manufacturing
Mixed Mode Public Transportation
Mobile Applications
Mobile Concession Stand
Mobile Food Service
Mobile Home Park
Mobile X-Ray Manufacturing
Modeling Agency
Modeling School
Molecular Biology Research and Development
Monetary Authority
Monetary Policy
Money Transfer Services
Monument Manufacturing
Mortgage Banking
Mortgage Brokerage
Mortgage Lending, Loans, or Credit Products
Mortgage Servicing
Motion Control Equipment Manufacturing
Motion Picture or Video Distribution
Motion Picture or Video Production
Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Recording
Motor Homes, Wholesale
Motor or Generator Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Air Filters, Wholesale
Motor Vehicle Air-Conditioning Compressor Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealer
Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Brake System Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Gasoline Engine or Engine Part Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Licensing and Registration
Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping
Motor Vehicle Seating and Interior Trim Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Steering or Suspension Components (except Spring) Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts, Wholesale
Motor Vehicle Towing
Motor Vehicle Transmission and Power Train Manufacturing
Motor Vehicle Transmission and Power Train Parts Manufacturing
Motor Vehicles, Wholesale
Motorcycle Dealer
Motorcycle Manufacturing
Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing
Motorcycles, Wholesale
Motorsports Promotion and Marketing
Movable Medical Equipment and Support Surfaces, Wholesale
Movie Studio
Movie Theater
Moving and Relocation Services
Muffler Repair
Mulch Manufacturing
Multichannel Marketing
Multifamily Housing Construction
Municipal Court
Municipal Engineering
Mushroom Production
Music Instruments, Wholesale
Music Lessons
Music Publisher
Music School
Music Supplies, Wholesale
Music Video Production
Musical Group or Artist
Musical Instrument Manufacturing
Musical Instrument Rental
Musical Instrument Store
Musical Performance
Musical Record Production
Mutual Fund Administration