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Race and Sports Manager
Radiation Diagnostic Technologist
Radiation Dosimetrist
Radiation Oncologist
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Radiation Therapist
Radiation Therapy Dosimetrist
Radiation Therapy Head
Radiation Therapy Technician
Radiation Therapy Technologist
Radiation-Protection Engineer
Radio Announcer
Radio Announcer / Producer
Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer
Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization Engineer
Radio Operator
Radio Producer
Radio Production Director
Radio Show Host
Radio Tower & Radar Technician
Radiographic Technologist
Radiography Technologist
Radiologic Technician
Radiologic Technologist
Radiologic Technologist / Technician
Radiologic Technologist Mammogram
Radiologist Assistant
Radiologist Technician
Radiologist Technologist
Radiology Aide/Transporter
Radiology Director
Radiology Equipment Specialist
Radiology Imaging Center Supervisor
Radiology Manager
Radiology Receptionist
Radiology Scheduler
Radiology Scheduling Clerk
Radiology Supervisor
Radiology Technician
Radiology Technologist
Radiology Transcriptionist
Radiology X-Ray Technician
Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Director
Rail Car Repairer
Rail Yard Engineer, Dinkey Operator, or Hostler
Railroad Brake, Signal, and Switch Operator
Railroad Conductor
Railroad Conductor or Yardmaster
Railroad Engineer
Rail-Track Laying or Maintenance Equipment Operator
Ramp Agent
Ranch Manager
Rate Analyst
Re Recording Mixer
Reactor Operator, Test and Research
Reading Specialist
Real Estate / Property Consultant
Real Estate Administrator
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Analyst
Real Estate Appraisal Apprentice
Real Estate Appraisal Manager
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraiser Assistant
Real Estate Appraiser Trainee
Real Estate Appraiser, Agricultural
Real Estate Appraiser, Commercial
Real Estate Appraiser, Residential
Real Estate Appraiser/Assessor
Real Estate Assessor
Real Estate Asset Manager
Real Estate Assistant
Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker Liaison / Regional Assistant
Real Estate Clerk
Real Estate Consultant
Real Estate Development Manager
Real Estate Development Manager (Commercial)
Real Estate Director, Retail
Real Estate Leasing Manager
Real Estate Manager
Real Estate Paralegal
Real Estate Planning Manager
Real Estate Project Developer (Commercial)
Real Estate Sales Agent
Real Estate Salesperson
Realtor Assistant
Receiving Checker
Receiving Clerk
Receiving Laborer
Receiving Manager
Receiving Worker
Receptionist / Telephone Operator
Receptionist or Information Clerk
Receptionist, Dental Office
Receptionist/Telephone Operator
Reconditioning Manager
Records Analyst
Records and Information Management Director
Records Clerk
Records Management Assistant
Records Management Manager
Records Management Supervisor
Records Manager
Records Technician
Recovery Support Specialist
Recreation Aide
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Coordinator
Recreation Director
Recreation Manager
Recreation Supervisor
Recreation Therapist
Recreation Therapy Assistant
Recreation Worker
Recreational Specialist
Recreational Therapist
Recreational Vehicle Service Technician
Recruiting Administrator
Recruiting Analyst
Recruiting Assistant
Recruiting Assistant Manager
Recruiting Associate
Recruiting Consultant
Recruiting Coordinator
Recruiting Director
Recruiting Manager
Recruiting Officer
Recruiting Specialist
Recruiting Supervisor
Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Manager
Reference Librarian
Referral Clerk
Referral Coordinator
Referral Specialist
Referrals Representative
Refinery Operator
Refractive Coordinator
Refractive Surgery Coordinator
Refractory Materials Repairer (but not Brickmason)
Refridgeration Servicer
Refrigerated Truck Driver
Refrigeration Mechanic
Refund Specialist
Refuse Collector
Refuse Truck Driver
Refuse, Garbage, and Recyclable Material Collector
Regional Account Executive
Regional Account Manager
Regional Business Analyst
Regional Business Development Manager
Regional Controller
Regional Director of Finance
Regional Director of Property Management
Regional Facilities Manager
Regional Franchise Director
Regional General Counsel
Regional Human Resources (HR) Manager
Regional Manager, Loss Prevention
Regional Manager, Retail
Regional Manager, Services Company
Regional Managing Director
Regional Marketing Director
Regional Marketing Manager
Regional Merchandising Manager
Regional Operations Director
Regional Property Manager
Regional Recruiter
Regional Rehabilitation Director
Regional Retail Sales Manager
Regional Sales Coordinator
Regional Sales Director
Regional Sales General Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Regional Service Manager
Regional Supervisor, Retail
Regional Underwriting Manager
Regional Vice President (RVP), Operations
Regional Vice President (RVP), Sales
Regional Visual Merchandising Manager
Regional/District Manager of Sales
Registered Behavior Technician
Registered Care Home Manager
Registered Client Associate
Registered Client Service Associate
Registered Clinical Dietitian
Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)
Registered Dietetic Technician
Registered Dietician
Registered Dietitian
Registered Financial Paraplanner
Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA)
Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
Registered Investment Assistant
Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)
Registered Medical Coder
Registered Nurse (RN)
Registered Nurse (RN) Analyst, Risk Adjustment
Registered Nurse (RN) Supervisor
Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care
Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Room
Registered Nurse (RN), Operating Room
Registered Nurse (RN), Practice Manager
Registered nurse (RN), Research
Registered Nurse (RN), Utilization Management (UM)
Registered Nurse (RN), Utilization Review (UR)
Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator (RNAC)
Registered Nurse Care Manager
Registered Occupational Therapist
Registered Paraplanner
Registered Pharmacist (RPh)
Registered Physical Therapist
Registered Polysomnographer
Registered Polysomnographic Technician (RPSGT)
Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT)
Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
Registered Prosthetic Orthotic Technician
Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)
Registered Representative
Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)
Registered Sales Assistant
Registered Vascular Ultrasound Technologist
Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)
Registered X-ray Technician
Registered/Licensed Dietitian
Registrar, College Or University
Regulatory Administrator
Regulatory Affairs Associate
Regulatory Affairs Associate Director
Regulatory Affairs Director
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Regulatory Affairs Program Manager
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Regulatory Analyst
Regulatory Compliance Manager
Regulatory Coordinator
Regulatory Health Project Manager
Regulatory Lawyer
Regulatory Policy Analyst
Regulatory Scientist
Regulatory Specialist
Rehabilitation Aide
Rehabilitation Assistant
Rehabilitation Clinic Director
Rehabilitation Coordinator
Rehabilitation Counselor
Rehabilitation Director
Rehabilitation Manager
Rehabilitation Program Manager
Rehabilitation Services Director
Rehabilitation Services Manager
Rehabilitation Services Supervisor
Rehabilitation Specialist
Rehabilitation Supervisor
Rehabilitation Team Coordinator
Rehabilitation Technician
Rehabilitation Therapy Technician
Rehabilitation Worker
Reimbursement Analyst
Reimbursement Services Manager
Reimbursement Specialist
Reimbursement Supervisor
Reinforcing Iron or Rebar Worker
Reinsurance Analyst
Relationship Banker
Relationship Management Specialist
Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager, Banking
Release Engineer
Release Engineering Manager
Release of Information Clerk
Release of information Coordinator
Release of Information Specialist
Release of Information Supervisor
Reliability Engineer
Reliability Engineer, Chemical
Religious Education Director
Relocation Manager (Human Resources)
Relocation Specialist (HR)
Remedy Developer
Renal Dietitian
Renewable Energy Consultant
Rental Car Clerk
Rental Clerk
Rental Coordinator
Repairer Autobody
Repairer Furniture
Replenishment Analyst
Reporter, Newspaper
Reporting Analyst
Reports Analyst
Representative Key Account Manager
Representative Patient
Research & Development (R&D) Analyst, Pharmaceuticals
Research & Development (R&D) Director
Research & Development (R&D) Director, Chemical
Research & Development (R&D) Director, Pharmaceuticals
Research & Development (R&D) Engineer, Computer Software
Research & Development (R&D) Engineer, IT
Research & Development (R&D) Manager
Research & Development (R&D) Manager, Chemical
Research & Development (R&D) Manager, Computer Software
Research & Development (R&D) Manager, Information Services
Research & Development (R&D) Manager, Pharmaceuticals
Research & Development (R&D) Technician
Research Administrator
Research Advisor
Research Analyst
Research Analyst, Financial
Research Analyst, Healthcare
Research Analyst, Insurance
Research Analyst, Operations
Research and Development (R&D) Engineering Intern
Research and Development (R&D) Intern
Research and Development (R&D) Lab Technician
Research and Development (R&D) Supervisor
Research and Development Assistant, Food Processing
Research and Development Coordinator
Research and Development Engineer
Research and Teaching Assistant
Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant, Medical
Research Assistant, Real Estate
Research Associate (Unspecified Type)
Research Associate Professor
Research Associate, Biotechnology
Research Associate, Contract
Research Associate, Law
Research Associate, Molecular Biology
Research Biologist
Research Chemist
Research Consultant
Research Coordinator
Research Coordinator Lead
Research Department Manager
Research Director
Research Engineer
Research Fellow
Research Health Science Specialist
Research Intern
Research Laboratory Director
Research Laboratory Technician
Research Officer
Research Pharmacist
Research Scientist
Research Scientist, Biotechnology
Research Study Assistant
Research Study Coordinator
Research Study Supervisor
Research Technician
Research Technician (Unspecified Type)
Research Technician, Biotechnology
Research Technologist
Researcher (General/Unknown Type)
Researcher, Financial
Researcher, Scientific
Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent or Travel Clerk
Reservations Manager
Reservations Sales Agent
Reservations Supervisor (Lodging)
Reservoir Engineer
Residence Counselor
Residence Director
Residence Hall Director
Residence Life Coordinator
Residence Manager, Emergency Shelter
Residence Supervisor
Residency Coordinator
Residency Program Coordinator
Resident Aide
Resident Assessment Coordinator
Resident Assistant
Resident Care Aide
Resident Care Director
Resident Director (College / University)
Resident Medical Officer
Resident Physician
Resident Services Coordinator
Resident Services Director
Residential Advisor
Residential Care Attendant (RCA)
Residential Care Coordinator
Residential Care Facility Administrator
Residential Caregiver
Residential Counselor
Residential Home Inspector
Residential Living Assistant
Residential Loan Processor
Residential Monitor
Residential Program Director
Residential Property Manager
Residential PV Systems Designer
Residential Remodeler
Residential Services Aide
Residential Support Caregiver
Residential Support Instructor
Residential Support Manager
Residential Support Worker
Residential Treatment Counselor
Residential Treatment Program Manager
Residential Treatment Specialist
Residential Youth Counselor
Resort Manager
Resort Reservation Clerk
Resource Analyst
Resource Development Manager
Resource Planning Analyst
Resource Teacher
Respiratory Care Practitioner
Respiratory Care Technician
Respiratory Services Director
Respiratory Services Manager
Respiratory Services Supervisor
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapy Manager
Respiratory Therapy Technician
Respite Care Provider
Respite Supervisor
Respite Worker
Restaurant and Bar Manager
Restaurant Assistant Manager
Restaurant Host/Hostess
Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager - Casual Dining
Restaurant Manager - Fine Dining
Restaurant Server
Restaurant Supervisor
Restoration Planner
Restoration Technician
Restorative Aide
Retail Assistant Manager
Retail Associate
Retail Banker
Retail Banking Manager
Retail Buyer
Retail Cashier
Retail Coordinator
Retail Department Coordinator
Retail Department Manager
Retail Department Supervisor
Retail Director
Retail General Manager (GM)
Retail Manager
Retail Merchandiser
Retail Pharmacist
Retail Pharmacy Manager
Retail Planning Manager
Retail Sales Assistant
Retail Sales Associate
Retail Sales Clerk
Retail Sales Director
Retail Sales Manager
Retail Sales Operations Assistant
Retail Sales Representative
Retail Sales Specialist
Retail Sales Supervisor
Retail Service Clerk
Retail Shift Supervisor
Retail Shop Supervisor
Retail Staff Pharmacist
Retail Store Assistant
Retail Store Assistant Manager
Retail Store Designer
Retail Store Director
Retail Store Manager
Retail Store Manager, Grocery
Retail Store Manager, Shoes
Retail Store Manager, Sporting Goods
Retail Store Operations Director
Retail Store Owner
Retail Store Supervisor
Retail Supervisor
Retail Training Manager
Retail Zone Manager
Retention Specialist
Retinal Angiographer
Retirement Counselor
Retirement Operations Specialist
Retirement Plan Specialist
Retread Mold Operator
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Specialist
Return To Factory Clerk
Return to Work Coordinator
Returns Clerk
Returns Leader
Returns Manager
Returns Supervisor
Revenue Accountant
Revenue Accounting Manager
Revenue Analyst
Revenue Cycle Analyst
Revenue Cycle Management Supervisor
Revenue Cycle Manager
Revenue Cycle Specialist
Revenue Director
Revenue Manager
Reverse Logistics Manager
Reverse Logistics Specialist
Ride / Amusement Machine Operator
Rig Manager
Right Of Way Agent
Right of Way Manager
Risk Analyst
Risk Assessor
Risk Control Advisor
Risk Control Analyst
Risk Control Consultant
Risk Control Manager
Risk Control Officer
Risk Control Specialist
Risk Inspection Manager
Risk Management Analyst
Risk Management Consultant
Risk Management Coordinator
Risk Management Director
Risk Management Manager
Risk Management Specialist
Risk Management Supervisor
Risk Manager
Rivet Technician
Robot Technician
Robotics Engineer
Robotics Technician
Rock Splitter, Quarry
Rolling Machine Set Up Operator
Rolling Machine Setter / Operator / Tender, Metal and Plastic
Ronald McDonald House Manager
Roofing Foreman
Roofing Machine Operator
Roofing Subcontractor
Room Reservationist
Room Reservations Supervisor
Room Service Manager
Room Service Order Taker
Room Service Server
Rooms Controller
Rooms Director
Rough Carpenter
Rough Grinder
Roustabout, Oil and Gas
Route Driver
Route Manager, Portable Toilets
Route Optimization Specialist
Route Planner
Route Sales Representative
Routing Clerk Truck
Royalty Accountant
Royalty Accounting Manager
Rubber Goods Compounder
Rubber Molder
Ruby Software Developer / Programmer
Russian Linguist
Russian Translator