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Industry Index (South Africa) - C

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Popular Industries
Cable Television Broadcasting
Call Center
Casino and Resort
Casino Hotel
Catering Services
Cellular Telephone Carrier
Cellular Telephone Manufacturing
Cellular Telephone Store
Cement Manufacturing
Chemical Engineering Services
Chemical Manufacturing
Chemical Testing
Chemicals, Wholesale
Chicken Meat Production
Child Care or Day Care
Child Development Services
Child Welfare Services
Chiropractor's Office
Chocolate Manufacturing
Citrus Fruits, Wholesale
City Government
Civil Engineering Construction
Civil Engineering Services
Civil Litigation
Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing
Clinical Psychologist's Office
Clinical Research
Clothing Store
Clothing, Wholesale
Coal Mining
Coalition for Non-Profit Organization
Coffee Manufacturing
Coffee Shop
Collection Agency
College or University
Commercial Aircraft, Military, and Space System Manufacturing
Commercial and Government Communications System Provider
Commercial and Residential Construction and Development
Commercial Aviation or Airline
Commercial Bakery
Commercial Banking
Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial Construction
Commercial Equipment Rental or Leasing
Commercial Furniture Manufacturing
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Laundry Services
Commercial Printing
Commercial Property Management
Commercial Real Estate Agency
Commercial Real Estate Finance
Commodity Trading
Community Center
Community Development Agency
Community Mental Health Center
Community Nursing
Computer Based Testing and Assessment Solutions
Computer Data Storage Services
Computer Hardware and Software Design
Computer Hardware Solutions
Computer or Network Security Services
Computer Repair and Maintenance Services
Computer Training
Concrete Block or Brick Manufacturing
Concrete Construction
Concrete Product Manufacturing
Confection Manufacturing
Conservation Organization
Construction Machinery and Equipment Rental or Leasing
Construction Management
Consumer Electronics Manufacturing
Consumer Electronics Store
Consumer Electronics, Wholesale
Consumer Lending Services
Consumer Marketing Solutions
Contract Packaging
Contract Research Organization
Conveyor Belt Manufacturing
Copper and Silver Mining
Copper Ore or Nickel Ore Mining
Copper Smelting and Refining
Corporate Education
Corporate Flight Services
Corporate Office
Corporate Wellness Training
Corrugated Box Manufacturing
Cosmetic Dentist's Office
Cosmetics Packaging
Counseling Services
Courier Services
Crane Manufacturing
Creative Design
Credit Bureau
Credit Card Issuing
Credit Card Merchant Services
Credit Union
Criminal Investigation Services
Customer Service Call Center
Customer Service Management Solutions