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Race and Sports Manager
Radiation Oncologist
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Radiation Therapist
Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer
Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization Engineer
Radio Producer
Radio Show Host
Rail-Track Laying or Maintenance Equipment Operator
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Asset Manager
Real Estate Development Manager
Real Estate Sales Agent
Receiving Checker
Receiving Clerk
Receiving Manager
Receiving Worker
Receptionist / Telephone Operator
Receptionist or Information Clerk
Receptionist/Telephone Operator
Records Clerk
Records Manager
Recruiting Administrator
Recruiting Assistant
Recruiting Coordinator
Recruiting Officer
Recruiting Specialist
Recruitment Consultant
Recruitment Manager
Refrigeration Mechanic
Regional Account Manager
Regional Business Development Manager
Regional Facilities Manager
Regional Human Resources (HR) Manager
Regional Manager, Retail
Regional Manager, Services Company
Regional Managing Director
Regional Marketing Manager
Regional Operations Director
Regional Property Manager
Regional Sales Director
Regional Sales General Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Regional Service Manager
Regional/District Manager of Sales
Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
Registered Dietician
Registered Dietitian
Registered Nurse (RN)
Registered Nurse (RN) Supervisor
Registered Nurse (RN), Critical Care
Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency Room
Registered Nurse (RN), Operating Room
Registered Nurse (RN), Practice Manager
Registered nurse (RN), Research
Registered Occupational Therapist
Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN)
Registrar, College Or University
Regulatory Administrator
Regulatory Affairs Associate
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Regulatory Compliance Manager
Regulatory Specialist
Relationship Banker
Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager, Banking
Reliability Engineer
Replenishment Analyst
Reporting Analyst
Research & Development (R&D) Director
Research & Development (R&D) Manager
Research & Development (R&D) Technician
Research Administrator
Research Analyst
Research and Development (R&D) Lab Technician
Research and Development Engineer
Research Assistant, Medical
Research Associate (Unspecified Type)
Research Chemist
Research Consultant
Research Coordinator
Research Director
Research Engineer
Research Fellow
Research Intern
Research Laboratory Technician
Research Officer
Research Scientist
Research Scientist, Biotechnology
Research Study Coordinator
Research Technician
Research Technologist
Researcher (General/Unknown Type)
Researcher, Financial
Researcher, Scientific
Reservations Manager
Reservations Sales Agent
Resort Manager
Resource Teacher
Restaurant Assistant Manager
Restaurant Host/Hostess
Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Supervisor
Retail Assistant Manager
Retail Associate
Retail Banker
Retail Buyer
Retail Cashier
Retail Department Manager
Retail General Manager (GM)
Retail Manager
Retail Merchandiser
Retail Pharmacist
Retail Sales Assistant
Retail Sales Associate
Retail Sales Manager
Retail Sales Representative
Retail Shift Supervisor
Retail Store Assistant
Retail Store Assistant Manager
Retail Store Designer
Retail Store Manager
Retail Store Manager, Grocery
Retail Store Manager, Shoes
Retail Supervisor
Retention Specialist
Returns Supervisor
Revenue Accountant
Revenue Analyst
Revenue Manager
Risk Analyst
Risk Assessor
Risk Control Consultant
Risk Control Manager
Risk Control Officer
Risk Management Analyst
Risk Management Consultant
Risk Management Manager
Risk Management Specialist
Risk Manager
Route Driver
Route Planner