Healthcare and Assisted Living Industry Landscape

Healthcare companies are beginning to change their approaches and business models in response to the shifts in the industry environment. Providers are facing challenges when it comes to containing costs, keeping up with technological advances, and redesigning care programs.


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One sector of the healthcare industry that is greatly impacted by the changes in the industry and the economic climate is Senior Living Facilities. The Senior Care sector is composed of two main categories: Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Housing for the elderly. The difference between the two services is that Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide nursing amenities.

Approximately one million Americans live in Senior Living Facilities or Assisted Living facilities. This number was expected to double by 2030; however the economic downturn in 2009 has caused many senior citizens to postpone their retirement. The decline in the housing market in addition to a drop in stock prices caused millions of Americans to forfeit a considerable amount of their retirement savings. Due to the high costs of elderly care, the market is now limited to individuals with a high level of disposable income and there is rising competition among care providers.

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Orthopedic Surgeon
Oral Surgeon
Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Dietary Supervisor


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The Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry covers a wide range of jobs and functions. The competitive nature among Senior Care facilities coupled with the increasing costs of providing care, means that well thought out compensation for employees is crucial for success. PayScale has salary data for nurses, health aides, physician assistants, nutritionists and myriad other roles common in the health, senior living, and assisted living sector. Overemployment has proven to be a downfall of businesses in this industry, and it is most important to fairly compensate existing employees rather than over hire. PayScale can help you to figure out what your employees should be paid so that you attract and retain talent without exhausting financial resources.


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